"Jodi, you're perfect, I wish I were you,"

"Jodi's so thin and so beautiful too."

"I wish I was Jodi, she always gets A's,"

"they all love Jodi, she's showered with praise."

"What's wrong with Jodi? She didn't eat lunch."

"She wants to lose weight but she's lost so much."

"Jodi, what's happened? You used to look good,"

"Jodi, please eat. I think that you should."

"Jodi, why don't you call me anymore?"

"Jodi's not perfect like she was before."

"Did you hear about Jodi? She passed out today!"

"She's not the same girl that she was yesterday."

"Jodi, oh Jodi, please open your eyes!"

"She tried too hard to be perfect and died."