Good-Bye Friend

What happens when a friendship dies?

Where does it go?

Not a friendship gone

By fighting and lies

A friendship that is just no longer there

Two friends grown apart

Grown up

What about the memories?

Will they be buried too?

Must you forget everything

There are good memories

Such good memories

I don't wanna say


But what else is there?

Where do we stand?

It has been so many years

What has happened?

Tears well up in my eyes

Spilling over now

It hurts so much to lose a friend

It hurts to remember the happy times

When they are over and done with

But we know nothing

About each other anymore

We use to see each other

Almost everyday

Now we are busy

We have lives to live

Things have changed

It hurts to say good-bye

I don't want to

I want to hold on

Hold on to the friendship

The memories

But we have simply grown apart

There is nothing there anymore

I no longer know where we stand

All friends must say good-bye

At some point in their lives

I don't want to say it

But I will


But this isn't the end



We'll see each other again

Say hello

And start the friendship over again