Pain so deep

Words can not express my emotions

So hard to talk about

So hard to admit

A problem

But is it?

In my mind no

In others minds maybe

But I don't think I have a problem

Just a few issues

I'm just trying to get through life

Come out whole

A better, stronger person

But how can I be better?

I'm such a failure

At everything

I can't even starve

Or cut myself


I'm an idiot

A fool

And I'm alone

Although others know

But they don't fully understand


Sometimes I wish they didn't know

I need to be alone in this

After all it is what I want


To be thin, perfect

Perfect daughter

Perfect friend

I can not achieve perfection

Not if they know

They will try to keep me from my goal

But I must reach it

I try so hard

I want it so bad

But I always fail

Probably always will

But maybe

Maybe someday

I'll finally succeed

In not failing