Hey all! It's Bel here. This is my first attempt at poetry, so don't laugh, please? I wrote this for my wonderful fiancé Lan as it's our anniversary tomorrow... we've been together a whole year! I love you to bits, Lan! xxx


I'm staring at the sun.
It reminds me of our love -
Strong, bright, everlasting,
And just as natural as the sunshine.

Some people don't agree with us.
They try to stop us,
Repress us, shame us.
But they will not succeed.

They are mere clouds,
Clouds looking to obscure the sun.
They cover the sun for a while
They think they've won
But it does not last.

For the sun carries on shining,
Defying the clouds,
Seeking a way past,
Knowing that they cannot win.

Eventually the clouds disperse
And the sun shines through, triumphant.
They'll be back again, they always are
But as long as we're strong
We can overcome them.

The sun shines on regardless,
As will our love.
They can seek to cover it up
But it shines so brightly
That mere clouds cannot obscure it,
Try as they might.

Their hatred merely adds fuel to the fire of our love.
We can stand what they throw at us
Because our love is so strong.

And the sun will shine on long after the clouds have gone.