To Speak of Truth 9/7/01

The azure sky shrouding the life-giving sun
Opens up its massive arms
Allowing an outpouring of love
In the form of rain drops
Heaven-sent are these showers
Bathing us in the glory of life

Down pours the sheets of rain
Making oceans out of flatlands
And torrent seas of mere puddles
The illusion is not real
But it reminds us of that part of ourselves
That we have forgotten long ago
In some desperate time
When we traded peace for comfort
And freedom for security

Rippling through our body
Is this ever-permeable rain
The wind carries it down upon the souls
Of trees and beasts and men
To calm the hearts of the anxious
And sooth the pains of isolation
In this prison we have built around ourselves

It is the antidote our souls cry out for
From the depths of our being
From the highest place we know
The rain speaks of the truth
And whispers of the love
All the while singing
The song of life itself
In the rhythm of the droplets
Falling to on the ground

To speak of truth
To whisper of love
To sing of life
These are the grand things
Only our heart knows to do

The illusions cannot hold us
If we do not hold them
Be in this world
But not of it
For the grandest truths of all
Are known by all
Yet told by few

There is only one of us
And there is nothing to do