A Blanket Story

[MeatLoaf's Note: This is a play that me, my friend and some other guy had to write for our short stories class. It is based on a story called "The Blanket". Only the people who were in my group will understand this.]

Me: Grandpa
Michael /William: Sonny
Julianne: Mom, Manager

Mom: We need to kick that old grandpa out 'cause all he does is eat all the mashed potatoes!

* Grandpa and Sonny are in the attic *
Sonny: Oh no Grandpa! They want to kick you out!

Grandpa: * cough * Well, why don't we run away together? Come on! It'll be fun!

Sonny: Yeah! We can get a job at McDonald's and make a lot of money!

* Grandpa and Sunny run outside *

Sonny: Look Grandpa! It's a McDonald's!

* Grandpa and Sunny go inside the McDonald's *

Manager: You're hired!

Grandpa and Sonny: Yeah!

3 days later...

* Manager dies in a freak fry accident *

Sonny: Oh no! She's dead!
Grandpa: Now I'm the manager!

3 days later...

Grandpa: We're rich! We made a million dollars! We got all this money by raising the price and quality of the food!

3 days later...

* Mom comes in *

Mom: you're dad died. Can you give me some money?

Sonny: No, but we can give you this: half of the blanket!

Grandpa: BWAHAHAHAH!!!!