I Am An Otaku! (Edited version)
By: Kuroi Shi

Ok... I just took the original poem, and changed a few things. . . I wanted to make refrences to different anime's. . . Not just Digimon, Gundam Wing, and Pokemon.

Written for canadian anime fans.

Quatre is not a girl, or a pansy.
Ken is not evil, or stupid, or insane.
And Phillia doesn't like Xellos from Slayers Try, Although he's really very nice..

Vash the Stampeede does not need insurance
Sailor Moon has a septor, and a and. not a sword.
And Van is a Draconian, not an angel.

Maddison, can proudly sew Sakura's battle costumes.

Akane is not a good cook,
Amiboshi, is not the same as Suboshi,
and Chuchu, it a truly puoud and noble animal!

Piccolo is a Namek!
Pai ia a Sanjian!
and it is pronouced Pokemon, Not Pokeeman!!

Japan is a really small land mass
The first nation with Anime
Which is the best part of television.

My name is Kuroi Shi, and I AM AN OTAKU!!!