Wisdom's Lament (Intro)

The stars are out tonight.
I can see them smiling down upon us.
There is black around them,
Not the pale blue that it once left.
Things have darkened since I walked this land swiftly.

Now, no one walks.
Giant digital-horse-drawn carriages,
Parade them around to their destinations.
Whether across the seas,
Or a simple jog over the streets.

The thought process no longer junctions into the mind,
Everything is done for you.
The worker no longer must think,
But push a button.
And Common Sense is dead.

The Law rules all,
With a confused eye.
But any who oppose,
Fall under a pointed heel.
And a volley of thousands of regulations.

The simple has died.
The complex rules.
The spiritual are drowned.
The wise are shut out.
And the young hold the keys,
And guard every door.