Wisdom's Lament (Innocence)

If the same happened to you,
Would we cheer?
Would we hold a celebration for the loss of life?
We would pray,
We would mope,
And we would be discouraged and angry at the loss of innocence.

"On December 7th, 1941....A date which will live in infamy....."
Who are you to make another date?
Do you find it a triumph?
Fight the soldiers that fight you.
Kill the enemies that expect you.

You say this makes sense,
It is senseless.
You say you are justified,
It's been known that there is no justice on this Earth.
You say you are honorable,
It is disgrace to your origins.

We must rise as one power,
Not just one nation,
Not just many nations.
All Nations come together.
Put aside our stupidities and strife,
And combat this faction of idiocy.

There is a greater foe descending upon us,
Bigger than the religious crusaders,
Each battling in the name of the same God.

Our own fear is driving us mad.
Fear leads anger,
Anger leads to hate,
And you've heard this.

We will kill ourselves,
In one swift blow,
If we do not rise to the occasion....