This Dark Day

And as hope crashed down into to the rubble,
bringing so many innocent souls with it,
it etched itself into my memory,
The smoke billowed out, and my tears fell.
These people were innocent,
they did not deserve to die.
The unfairness of it all just aches
through my body,
as I weep for all that was lost.
Some jumped to their death,
and our tears fell with them.
And I just can't stop crying.
My starvation
for them
seems hardly nothing,
in all of the despair.
A hole in the city,
a gap in the skyline,
like two missing teeth that will never grow back.
But some,
they celebrate.
People died,
And they are celebrating.
The cruel ironies of it all,
the evil of it all.
Nothing can compensate for the bitter tragedies
of this dark day.
And just one word echoes through our mouths,