Building One

Rushing on to work
On this day of fate
muttering to myself
"My God! I'll soon be late!"

Running to my office
Looking towards the sky
I saw then the culprit
Hanging right up high

Standing still, I looked at it
Watching without fear
Untill I notice its altitude
I then gasp "oh dear..."




Running now in fear and hor'r
I Come upon my office
Two towers, one wounded
As if by a Succubus kiss

As I rush to check my friends
The hor'r starts again
The giant plane, unfriendly skies
Does crash my sentinal friend

Rushing now to 'scape the wrath
of those who would do harm
I hit the street within a beat
wishing it was a yarn

Sprinting now to find some cover
I dive right under a bus
The groaning beast that was behind
foundation then did bust.

Screaming friends do cry out
the darkness closing in
The heavy soot devours air
queting the din.

Silence now, not a word
darkness is complete
With a rush then life came back
they did pull of the feat.

My life was saved,
but at what cost?
How many have we lost?
Caused by hate and not by fate
was this unnatraul disaster