The Object of my Affection: Revised

By Knightmare Elite

Hi my name is John and I hate my life.  I'm not like all the other 16 year olds around me.  It's just that I don't seem to fit into any specific category.  I'm not into sports; I don't know but professional sports just bore me.  I'm not one of the popular kids either.  I just feel that I serve no purpose here and that if I died tomorrow no one would even notice.

            As my grandmother told me that everyone is born with a special gift.  I have no idea what my "special" gift is.  I can't draw to save my life, can't sing, I absolutely suck at sports and making friends ain't there either.  Well I do guess that there's one thing that I enjoy doing.  I like to write in my spare time.  I'd call it more of a hobby of mine since I've written so many stories.  I like to write about happy things mostly like people's feelings and about life.  My absolute favorite things to write about though are the girls in school. 

I always try to portray them as the most perfect beings almost to an unreal level then in the end I bring it back to reality and point out all their faults if any.  I only do that as a way of revenge not saying that the girls are evil it's just that they always ignore me; and when I write about them I'm in control.  Kinda like a power trip at times. Still it's only writing and what can become of a writer it's not like it's a promising career filled with money.

            I just decided to try to make it through school as that's tough enough already.  So that's where I am now, school just opened and I'm about to start my junior year.  To make matters worse I just moved to this town and haven't made any friends yet.  I kept to myself all day and tried to make the best of it.  It wasn't till the second week of school that things started to look up. 

It was in Mr. Kazama's history class that it happened.  I guess you can call me sort of a know-it-all; since I have no friends all I do is study.  I had finished the pop quiz early and prepared to take a nap when there was a knock on the door. When the door opened I saw the most beautiful girl I had ever seen.  I mean she looked like an angel from heaven.  She was perfect in every way I could imagine. 

            To my luck or (misfortune depending on how you look at it) she sat right next to me.  She looked at me and said, "Hi".  I opened my mouth but no words came out so I just smiled and turned away.  I cursed myself for doing that.  I mean a pretty girl talks to me and what do I do I act like an idiot; now she'll probably never talk to me again.  Then Mr. Kazama told us to pass up our quizzes and take out our books. 

He then told us that we would have a report on our favorite event in history.  As the class groaned I already had an idea in my head.  As the bell rang I got up and grabbed my book bag.  The zipper must has been open and my stuff fell out.  I hate it when that happens; I went to pick up my books and there she was in front of me. 

            She introduced herself saying her name was Carmen.  I finally managed to sputter out my name this time.  Carmen helped me pick up my stuff and even walked out the room with me.  She told me how she's new here and doesn't have any friends.  I told her I understood how she felt.  I then asked her if she was excited about the report.  She simply laughed and smiled.  I don't know why I said what I said next but I'm kinda glad I did.  As she laughed I told her she had a beautiful smile. 

To my surprise she kissed me on the cheek and said, "thank you".  I felt like superman at that moment I wanted to jump straight through the roof and take on the world.  I was in love for the first time in my life really in love not a little crush; I mean I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.  As I walked to my bus I noticed Carmen behind me.  She called me and told me to wait up.

            She asked me if I knew where bus 14 was.  When I heard that my eyes lit up like a rich man's Christmas tree.  I couldn't believe it she rode my bus!  How could I be so lucky; we talked all the way home.  To make things even better she lived on my block.  I went home floating on a cloud; I did my report that night on the Constitution.  Well with that out of the way I could um well....hmm that's my other problem I just wrote a 5 page report that' s due in 3 weeks and I'm bored.  Geeze am I a nerd or what.  Well I'll just do some writing that always cheers me up when I'm down.  

As I began to write my mind suddenly went back to Carmen her absolutely perfect figure, her pouty lips, her marble green eyes and her long brown hair.  I typed as if possessed for a whole hour.  When I was done I read what I wrote and was quite surprised.  I wrote a story about me and Carmen living on a desert island kind of like that Blue Lagoon movie.

            The next day stared out boring till I got to second period as I took my seat I looked over half awake and saw Carmen.  I looked again this time fully awake to see those green eyes staring at me.  She said "hi" I said hi back and nearly talked her to death; upon realizing this I quickly shut up and she made that beautiful smile again.  Boy I need help I'm obsessed with this girl she's all I can think about. 

At lunch which I hated most I took a slice of pizza and an apple juice and made my way to the empty table in the corner.  I ate with my books.  I tried to eat as slowly as I could just so I'd look busy to the other kids.  Between bites I felt a tap on my shoulder and heard "mind if I sit here?"  I looked up and well you know who it was. 

            After that day Carmen and I ate lunch together everyday.  I still couldn't get it out of my mind why an absolutely beautiful girl like Carmen would want to sit at a table with someone like me.  Carmen and I became the best of friends.  I had overcome my fear of talking to her now and would freely talk and joke with her.  Then one day she asked me for my number.  I quickly wrote it down and she gave me hers.  Even though we were good friends I was still a little scared to call her.  On the other hand as soon as I got home the phone rang and it was Carmen.  She asked me if I wanted to go to a party with her.

I nearly exploded upon hearing that; a date I quickly accepted before she could say another word.  I wonder if I sounded too desperate!  It was on Friday I couldn't wait then the next day at school she told me she was going to try out for the cheerleading squad.  I told her she'd have no problem.  She smiled and told me I was so sweet.

            As I predicted Carmen became a cheerleader.  Now my best friend (and only friend) was a cheerleader.  When Friday came I couldn't wait for the day to end.  I never went on a date before.  Well I've never even been kissed by a girl well except for when Carmen kissed me on the cheek.  Well the bell rang Carmen and I walked to the bus talking about the party.  It was still bothering me as to why she hung out with me and not the popular people.  To my surprise she told me that I wasn't like all the other people at school and that I was myself and didn't try to be someone I wasn't.  I've seen her turn down plenty of guys who asked her for dates.  She'd always call me and we'd talk for hours.  Too bad I didn't know if she felt about me as how I felt about her.           

            Well I followed Carmen's advice and dressed casually with a dress shirt and khakis.  I went on my computer and continued writing the story about me and Carmen on the island. Then the door bell rang it was Carmen.  She was wearing a mini skirt and a T shirt, dress causal yeah right.  I nearly fainted as I wondered why she came so early the party wasn't for another hour.  I invited her in she asked me if she could use my computer to go on the Internet to look at the Backstreet Boys website.  The only thing I hated was that she listened to that crap.  Oh well her pros definitely outweighed her cons.  I showed her the computer and went to us the bathroom.  I was so nervous I must have washed my hands 5 times.  Then I remembered what was on screen The Story!! Oh crap I thought as I ran to stop her from seeing the story.  But it was too late as I got there and saw Carmen with her eyes glued to the monitor.

            She turned to me with tears in her eyes.  Oh no now I'm gonna get it was all that ran through my mind.  I quickly blurted out I'm sorry but she got up and said that was the most beautiful thing she ever read.  With that she looked me with those green eyes and kissed me fully on the lips and told me thank you.  I was now confused and still recovering from that kiss.  She told me that no one had ever made her feel that special before; and that in her old neighborhood people only saw her for her body and not for herself. 

All I could do is stand there and put my arms around her as she buried her face in my shoulder and she silently cried tears of relief (I guess).  Now I saw a different side of Carmen that made me love her even more.  Not only was she beautiful on the outside but she was beautiful on the inside too.  After she wiped her face we left for the party.  Just getting my license I used dad's car.  When we got there everyone appeared to be having a good time.  I was amazed at the amount of people. 

            "So this is what a high school party looks like," I thought to myself.  Carmen found a couch that wasn't occupied.  We sat there and talked for a while then she told me that she thought I was cute!  She said she was afraid to tell me because she thought it would ruin our friendship!  She smiled at me again as the music changed.  Then Carmen and I noticed all the boys and the girls started kissing.  Carmen asked on of the girls what's happening.  She replied that this was a make-out party.

 "A make-out party," I thought .  Damn a perfect evening ruined by teen hormones. 

I guess there was nothing to do now but take Carmen home.  As I turned around to ask Carmen what she wanted to do now.  I those green eyes staring at me.  Then almost in a trance she nearly jumped on me and we started kissing.  As we kissed I saw fire works everywhere.  I wish this moment would never end; we kissed for what seemed like hours but was only a couple minutes when Carmen broke it off.  Nearly out of breath I asked her what happened. 

            She told me that she wanted to talk about our relationship.  The moment I feared; she finally realized that all the other guys were more popular than me and that I was sort of a nerd.  I was so scared at what she would say.  She held my hands and told me that there's a lot of boys at school that have come up to her and told her to ditch me.

 "Here it comes," I thought. 

She also told me that there were times when other girls invited her to sit with them instead of sitting with me.  I asked her why she didn't accept their offers.  I looked her in the eyes and told her I had nothing to offer her like they did.  I wasn't a sports star, or an artist or even popular.  Infact Carmen was more popular than I was.  Carmen told me that she didn't care about those things and she liked me for who I was not for what I was.  She then told me that there was something that I had that none of the other artists or athletes had.

I asked "what" almost wetting my pants out of anxiety at this point. 

She told me that I had a gift of writing the most beautiful stories she had ever read; and that I was the most caring person she'd ever met.  I then asked her what she meant by stories.  Then she admitted that she had read some of my stories especially the ones about her and she had gotten them from my folder whenever I wasn't paying attention. 

            I told Carmen that that's the most touching thing I ever heard.  Then she said something that I'll never forget for the rest of my life. 

She said "John will you be my boyfriend". 

I said yes so fast I think I bit my tongue.  Then she smiled and we continued making out for the rest of the night. I couldn't believe it 6 months ago I was seriously considering suicide and now my whole life's changed.  My girlfriend besides being the most beautiful girl in school was just promoted to head cheerleader.  Carmen also encouraged me to submit one of my stories to the school paper and I became a local celebrity.  Everyone loves reading my work now and I have gained a lot of friends and things are finally looking up.  It looks like my grandma was right I found my gift with the help of Carmen.