Dedicated to all who lost their lives or loved ones on 11th September 2001, in the New York tragedy. May God be your strength in your time of need.

9.05 AM

Clear sky, not a cloud in sight

In any language

It was a beautiful day

Young and old alike

Milled around on the streets

So unexpected was the disaster

So unseen was the metal bird of prey

Laughter turned into screams

Smiles turned into sobs

A fire that blazed

Brighter and harsher than the sun

High in the sky

A sky such a perfect blue

On such an imperfect day

Smoke and ash obscured the sky

Clear skies became overcast

But still no clouds hung

In the immaculate blue

Heaven seemed to playing a joke

Laughing from its seat

High among the clouds

How could such a tragic day

Have weather so fine?

Falsely overcast skies

Held no storm clouds

No rain fell and the sunshine

Did not touch the people's hearts

But the sun continued to shine

With sadistic personal joy

And down on earth it rained tears.