September 11, 2001

September 11, 2001


That's what we all heard.

First period, normal,

Nothing seemed wrong.

Second period, the teacher comes in,

And says, "Did you hear?"

"The World Trade Center was hit by a plane."

Shock numbs my body.

This can't be real, I think.

This is all some sick joke…

How could anyone do this?

Lunch comes, and we all file down

To the library, where they have

Set up a screen of the terror,

And we finally see that it's real.

The footage rolls on,

And we see the plane hit

The flames burst out into

The still air of the morning,

And I'm afraid.

What is going to become of us?

Are we going to go to war?

I really don't want war…

We see more footage

Of the Twin Towers,

Of the Pentagon,

Both in flames,

Both in pain.

Our country is hurt,

And hurt bad,

Just because of intolerance.

Just because someone

Didn't like us.

Just because there is so much