Authors Note: None of this story is true. It is not the best story but it is ok.

It was the summer of 1950 and in a small town named Anderson there were the friendliest people you would ever meet. They kept to themselves and had parties every summer. This was the main party though. This was the 4th of July and everybody was celebrating. There were two main parties. The Bakers and the Smiths. The people of this town just wanted to celebrate their 4th but they got more than they expected.

July 3, 1950:

People were scattering across town to get last minute items for their parties. The town was hectic and people were getting crazy for what they wanted. People would do anything to make their parties just right. That is the one thing that made the people in Anderson worry. If their party was not right than they felt like an outcast. Around 5:00 P.M. everything started to settle down. People were going home to prepare for their party.

Around 11:29 an older man noticed something shooting through the sky. He tried getting help but no one listened to him because he was the town drunk. Everyone thought that he just had too much to drink that night. He tried to make them listen but it was no use. He went home and was scared. What if he had just been seeing things? He didn't know what to do. He decided to sleep on it.

July 4,1950

9:00 A.M.:

Every one was up now and the wives were cooking up a feast. The men and children were working down at the pond setting up tables and chairs. One of the kids wandered off and noticed something strange. He ran back to his dad and grabbed his dad. They ran to the spot and ended up in a field where trees had been broken in half and it was extremely hot there. The man grabbed his son and ran off. He got more people and they called the sheriff. They all decided that it was just a trick that some people were playing. The first man did not buy it. He gave up though and they ignored it.

7:00 P.M.:

People had started showing up for the party now. The wives were making last minute food, and the kids were making last minute decorations. As it got darker it started to get hotter to the people. The people just ignored it and kept up the party. The same man from earlier wanted to show somebody else what he had found. They started to walk off and then something exploded in the sky. They were all curious to what was happening. The men started running off towards the fireball and the women stayed with the kids. The men noticed that the flames were coming from the Smith's land. This made them move even faster and then they got to the edge of the woods. People were running around trying to put out fires. Women were screaming and then they noticed something. What they saw were pieces of metal hanging from trees and scattered all over the ground. They called the police and said, "A UFO crashed here! HELP US, HELP US!" After the police showed up the military showed up. They escorted everyone off the property and started collecting the metal. They sent out searches for anything within three miles. They had an astonishing find. They found two small bodies. The military men grabbed thee bodies and took them back to the base. They left four men there and headed back.

July 5, 1950

1:49 P.M.:

It was not until 1:49 that the people were allowed back on to their land. They asked what happened and they were told that it was a small warplane. The people looked at them and asked why there was such a big deal over that? No one answered them. They were told to stay out of it. The military covered up every end of this accident that they could, but there were still two people who saw evidence of this.

July 6, 1950

The next day the town drunk, and the man and his son disappeared. No one knows what happened but it is believed they were killed just so they would be kept quiet. No one has mentioned their names since for fear that they would be next.