Delighting in my lot
by A. P. Clewis

I live in a world, unlike any other.
Where shiny things greet me everyday.
These are the candies in my store.
Little children buy them excitedly,
And I love to watch their faces light up,
When they unwrap the morsels.

Creamy dark chocolate,black Licorice,
Smooth Carmel,Dreamy Butterscotch,
I possess them all.

Where shiny things greet me everyday,
Is where I live happily.
Oh, how the paper does glimmer,
As it sits in nice neat little rows.
Attracting attention of everyone,
That this way walks.

Sweet cherry flavor, peanuts inside,
Sweet food colouring, creamy nougat
Some of the candies contain these.

People ask me what they are made of,
How I get them so delicious.
I tell them it is only regular candy ingredients,
Nothing out of the ordinary.
They are all made with love,
And that is the secret.

The candy makes them happy.
And this makes me smile.
And that is the greatest thing of all.