To My Friends...

So much has changed
So changeable your loyalty
So quickly it occured
Were you waiting for the chance to betray?

First. Reversed Strength.

Keep them away
You who casts quick judgement without facing your own trial
Leave your hate inside
Enmitic one

Second. Reversed Chariot.

Enigma of my existance
Rendering me apprehensive with your peculiar words
I now understand this friendly mask
Cowardly putting on an act for your own gain

Third. Reversed Lovers.

And my macabre grin spreads as I recall you
Jaded and green I accepted your hollow promises
Beatings you accepted before I protected you with infatuation
Returning lies with lies, I saw your true nature
I quickly tired being servant to your juvenile happiness
Taking my wages of guilt to pay tribute to a falsified love

Fourth. Reversed Emporer.

Two sides, two faces to you,
A Judas Iscariot to both sides
You give me backstabbing kindness
Laughing at me surrounded, laughing with me alone
Our neutrality will not last long at the summit of your indecision
Return to them and leave me in peace, O he of untruthful justice

I have nothing more to say to you
Who cling tightly to binding thread I have cut
I have no more love for you
Your words fall onto deaf ears
Your actions, on blind eyes
Death card in hand, you are dead to me

This reversed friendship has ended.