A Demon's Revenge

Wickedly winds the path
The cruel wind blows harshly
Tonight there is blood on the breeze
Mingling with the chanting of Pagan religions of old....
In the distance, a wolf howls his misery
And you pay no mind, just walk on
My lips touch yours ever so gently
You shudder violently
Your mouth spewing forth the dark red wine you thrive with
Rent by years of lies
With the smile of a rotting corpse, I beckon you forward
And like the slave you are, you follow
To your death, as you no doubt know
And what will it be like?
That not even I, your murderess, know yet
Trust that it will be slow
Full of pain and suffering
And that I shall laugh throughout
That I shall recall every moment of torture you ever put me through
And that I shall put all those awful moments into an agonizingly long death
Know that these are the last moments of your life
Treasure them dearly
For these are the last pleasurable moments, though your blood spills onto the dirt
And pleasurable they are, when faced with the horrors the late night will bring you
So continue to pray to your God
He will send no flight of angels to your side
Tonight is for the demons
My demons
And they shall carry you away on Death's gossamer wings.....