The Vampire | Parts One and Two

The Vampire

I walk down the dark, damp hallway; I realize I should not be exploring this area. I just have that kind of feeling that something is here, maybe even following me. I continue forward, a slight chill comes over my body. I look to the left, then to the right, my heart, at this point is pounding harder than ever. I start to blunder down the hallway, the floorboards below, creaking with great anger. Once again, the cold chill. This time I am sweating, and breathing heavily. I see a window to the left, and also, the outline of a tall, bat-like creature, moving towards me, I look to the right and see another window, and its clear and I decide that I am getting the hell out of here. I dash towards it, running as fast as my feet can carry me. I approach the window, placing my arm over my eyes. I jump, and come crashing through the window, landing on the soft, moist ground below. I get up, almost totally disoriented. I look around, trying to spot the creature, or thing that has been following me. I don't see it. Later that day, I make my way down to the local Police Station to report what had happened earlier. The officer that is taking my report looks strangely at me, he cranes his neck to once side. I think to myself "What is he doing?" He moves his head closer to my own. It appears that he is sniffing me. I pull my head back in disgust. The officer grabs me by my neck, pushing my head over to one side. I feel some thing warm and wet drip onto my neck. He then hisses, sort of like a snake, and proceeds to bite at my neck. Drawing blood and flesh more and more each time. By this point I am screaming and trying to break free from his unholy grasp. He possess some strange power, and I cannot escape. I guess that I must have been just a snack, as he finishes with me shortly after this ordeal has started. My body slumps onto the ground, like the bones were removed from my body. I take one quick look at the beast, then I pass out. I wake up in a very dark, and quite hot confined space. I picture the creature that attacked me, not a pretty site. Huge, black eyes, long fangs with red droplets of blood hanging from them. Pointy ears, and long, dirty nails. I find it quite amazing that I can remember in such detail. Next, I try and find out how to get out of whatever I am in. I feel around. Something that I touch feels familiar, I pull it closer, and smell it. It smells quite strange, I cannot describe it. My eyes come into as much focus as they can, I look at the object in my hand I shout in my head "ITS A HUMAN HAND! I AM IN HERE WITH SOMEBODY ELSE!" I vomit at the smell of the nasty body. I start banging and screaming, trying to get out. The creature must have heard me, it opens the container I am in, and I notice that it is a coffin. The vampire looks over me with those big black eyes, he pulls out a long pointy piece of steel, with a large hook on the end, I can only imagine what he is going to do with it. He brings it close to my chest, then pulls it back, as if he is aiming. He pulls it back, hard this time, his eyes big, and his mouth wide open in excitement, the steel rod comes rocketing towards me. Just as the steel rod is about to impale my head, I build up enough strength after the severe blood loss, to just barely escape the sharp, curved edge of the rod. This, I think angered the creature more, as it keeps stabbing around in the coffin, but by some almost inhuman quickness I escape almost each time. One, did wind up clipping my right shoulder. A mixture of a burning and a stinging sensation overcomes my shoulder, and most of my right arm for that matter. I pause for a second, to wipe at the now, almost burning wound. This second, turned out to be the most wasted one in my life. for, during that second, the Vampire aimed, and stabbed at the other arm, and from the force of the blow it takes off my whole arm. I feel blood rushing from my arm. And after that, I blacked out. I awake in the same coffin, my left arm gone, the Vampire must have taken it. He, or it, must have not wanted a dead looking human, because I was, quite alive, just a little shaken up, or I would have been taken also. I step out of the coffin, looking around for the creature. I do not see it, so I make my way to an open door to the north. Still, no sign of the Vampire. I dash for the door, the area is very familiar, not far from my own house actually. I make my way back to the police station, remembering that my arm is gone. I am noticed by one of the younger officers, and quickly rushed to the Hospital. The doctors quickly sew my arm up, making a stump. Also, while I am there, they fix up the other one. one of them steps forward, asking me what happened, and I told him. Well, it turns out he did not believe me and he then calls over some police officers, for me to retell it to them also. I tell them, and they do not believe it either. The next thing I know, I am being dragged to a psychiatrist in town, where I retell my story for just about the fifth time, and he does not believe me either. So, I am put into a mental health ward. One day, I was meditating, to pass the time, and something disturbed my concentration. I look up, and much to my surprise I see the outline of the Vampire materializing. Immediately, I get up and run for the front desk call button, it calls down, and they respond. Something is wrong down there, the person on duty sounds strange, possessed. The Vampire is done materializing and starts advancing towards me. He reaches me, and slashes my sewn up arm with his nasty claws, bloods splattering all over the floor. Then, the Vampire nocks me over, my head hitting hard on the ground. I start to scream and cry. The Vampire just walks away, and transports himself back to where he came from. Apparently he just wanted me to suffer, and that sure is what's happening. I have been in the same position the Vampire knocked me into, two hours before. None of the workers here have even come to check on me. Little do they know, one of their patients is laying on the floor, bleeding to death. My breathing is slowing, and I think that the end for me is near. This, shall be the last entry in my journal. Whoever is reading this, stay away, please stay away from the police station on South Hampton Street. Unseen danger may lurk in or around that area.


Frank G. Stalker

Ó Copyright 2000 Mike Singletary