The Legend

Far away, deep in space are worlds that defy human imagination. There are worlds of wonder, and worlds of mystery. Hidden deep in the Chamion Galaxy is Starcore, a galactic space colony. Its many technological advances and ideals of peace have long made this colony an enormous refuge for outcasts, peace-lovers, and residents of many life-forms from planets throughout the Chamion Galaxy. It is here that a cataclysmic event is about to take place. An evil now threatens this lush habitat. There is one warrior that can stop this sinister being, and he will be born from a legend.

Here on this blissful, normal day on Starcore, a young boy, Alaire by name, rests on a bench in one of the many green rooms of the colony. His body is that of a normal being from the planet Chinirio. His skin is semi-scaly like that of a salamander. His face, which is buried in his hands, gives little indication to the two facial holes between his eyes that serve as nostrils. His wild shock of hair is slightly shuffled to one side due to position of the resting boy. Like all people from Chinirio, he is resting peacefully, without even the slightest indication of restlessness. He does not snore, nor change position every now and then like most people do.

After a few minutes, a whirring sound is heard from the spiral-shaped magnochute above the greenery. This does not wake Alaire, but it does announce the arrival of someone he knows. Soon, a figure riding a type of unicycle rides down the chute and into the room. The figure detaches its unicycle from the magnetic attraction of the magnochute and begins plummeting toward the floor. This person simply rides his unicycle down the trunks of a few trees, landing on his feet safely in front of the bench.

Alaire soon feels a furry hand grab his shoulder and shake him out of his slumber. He quickly resumes a normal sitting position to see his friend Jimeno standing in front of him holding his unicycle. Jimeno's furry form is normal for people from the planet Aruthel.

"Wake up, sleepyhead. You didn't forget about today, did you?" the young Jimeno aks.

Alaire rubs his eyes with the palms of his moist hands, trying to force the last bit of sleep out his eyes. He takes a moment to let out a yawn before answering his friend's question. "Hey, Am I here or what? I wouldn't miss this if you forced me to!" Alaire responds, trying to avoid another yawn.

"That's good. We need to get going, then. The park won't let anyone in after 10:00!"

"I'm right behind you." Alaire states, picking up his own unicycle from behind the bench "Lead the way!"

The two boys jump onto their unicycles and run up the sides of several trees before landing on the magnochute above. The magnochute leads them into a long corridor with glass windows overlooking the entire colony. They continue down the magnochute, finally exiting in an enormous room, one of the largest in the colonies. The room is darkened by huge metal doors which extend to the four corners of the room. From the appearance of the room, we can tell that these doors hide over 90% of the room. Alaire and Jimeno stand there in awe as Jimeno produces two tickets from a pocket on his shorts. The two boys notice that they are the only two people in this part of the room. Alaire and Jimeno approach a slot device which is built into the large doors.

Before JImeno can insert the tickets, Alaire inquires, "Jimeno, where did you say your Dad got those tickets?"

Jimeno checks his watch quickly, then responds, "He was given the chance to have any number of tickets he wanted for Galacticpalace's grand opening. Naturally, he can't go himself, but he knew we'd love to go."

"You have a smart Dad." Alaire comments.

Jimeno inserts the two tickets into the slot. A ripping sound is heard as the machine processes the tickets. The slot soon spits out the remainder of the tickets, which is just the small stub at the end. Jimeno backs away to join Alaire in front of the huge doors. A few minutes passes by; nothing happens.

"Hey!" Alaire interjects. "Why aren't the doors opening?"

Jimeno checks his watch again before answering, "Oh, I forgot. My watch is three minutes fast. The doors are programmed to accept all tickets, but they will not open until 10:00 sharp."

"So how long do we have to wait?"

"They should open just about now." As soon as Jimeno finishes saying this, the huge metal doors let out a scratching sound as they swing to their opened positions, scraping the metal floor. The opened doors restrict neither light nor objects when they reach their fullest extent. The two young boys' faces light up when they see the spectacular sights of many rides, food stands, side shows, and the like. One thing seems to be missing.

Alaire turns to Jimeno and asks, "Where are all the people?"

JImeno has the answer, "We're the first ones here. They will be along shortly."

No sooner has Jimeno spoken when a rumbling sound is heard behind them. They turn to see a faint cloud, surging with a magnetic current, storming toward them from down the magnochute. Alaire and Jimeno try to jump out of the way, but it is too late. The two are forced to the ground as the stampede of children, teenagers, and adults, all on unicycles pour over their young forms. The force is like that of a tropical storm beating against their bodies. When the last cyclist enters the amusement park, Alaire and Jimeno pick themselves off of the floor, seemingly unharmed.

"Are you ok?" Jimeno asks.

Alaire straightens his hair back before responding, "Yeah, I think so. Chinirians have a rubbery structure. We're flexible."

"I can see it comes in handy. We furry people have a naturally thick endoskeleton. It takes more than a stampede of unicycles to kill us."

Both laugh at Jimeno's remark. They soon enter the gigantic amusement park, wondering what to do first. All the workers who operate the rides and concession stands have appeared and are doing their jobs properly. Jimeno and Alaire decide to start walking down on of the main pathways of the park. They agree that they might find something while just aimlessly wandering around.

"This place is amazing!" The Chinirian declares. "How long did it take to build this thing?"

"My Dad says it took only three months. That's only because every worker and staff member agreed that we need a place for fun entertainment." Jimeno answers. "Everybody on the 'upper level' worked real hard to get this park operational."

The two continue down the road made before them until they see a curious figure in a dark tent-like structure. The person's bearded face and near schizophrenic behavior make the boys want to stay as far away from him as possible. They are taken aback when the mysterious figure grabs them both by the arms and pulls them violently into his little hut, which turns out to be far bigger than anticipated. Alaire starts to protest, but is silenced when the figure begins to speak.

"Shhhh. Musn't scream. Musn't shout. Must only listen." the person speaks to them in half-broken sentences. "Will tell all, yes. Mean you any harm, no. Must listen. Must learn."

Alaire seems confused, but manages to find the words to say, "I guess we have no choice. What's going on here?"

The old person smiles at the youth's inquiry as if pleased. "Relax. Be calm. I am friend. Much to tell. Yes. Much needs to be told. Must listen. Will explain along the way."

Having said this, the old figure struggles to walk on his oddly carved rod which serves as a stick. He makes his way slowly to a pedestal with a blue cloth draped over. The blue cloth appears purple in the dim, red light. Alaire and Jimeno both are not accustomed to such light. They both find themselves rubbing their eyes every now and then before finally becoming adjusted to the hue.

The old man rests one arm on part of the pedestal and continues his rather unusual speech. "Was one of the founders of this colony. Was brilliant. One day, one founder went mad. Wanted to control entire colony. Other founders drove him away. He later returned. This time, he brought an army of machines. Did send them throughout the colony kidnaping people. Other founders did not like this. Decide to agree with him, they did. Madman ruled for a year. One day, warrior appeared. Drove the madman away once more. That was many years ago."

"Great story," Jimeno interrupts. "but what does it have to do with us?"

The old man doesn't like Jimeno's interruption. He slams his other hand hard on the pedestal.

"Young man is fool to interrupt story!" He exclaims. "I continue. Warrior has long since vanished, but he promised to leave something behind. Left his warrior item in case madman were to return. Time is nearing. Madman is returning to Starcore. Must help! Must help!"

Almost as if on cue, a series of rumblings followed by light flashes which fill the entire amusement complex. One of the flashes enters the room and temporarily blinds both Alaire and the old man's eyes. When their sight returns, they see that Jimeno is missing from the room. The old figure falls to his knees against the wall of the hut in horror and begins gasping for breath. The old figure manages to wave his hand, motioning Alaire to come near to him.

"Young man must understand," he tries to speak. "Diyoni returns. Captured all the people. This is how it happened when colony was founded. Many vanish. Diyoni sends robot drones to enslave the rest. Warrior did not arrive by chance. A stone was found adrift in space. Was given to young man. Young man used stone to turn into mighty warrior. Young man became the Robowarrior. Young man......" The old figure pulls Alaire closer to him before he continues. "I was the Robowarrior. I was told I would see you arrive and would see the return of Diyoni. It is waiting for you. Your name, what is your name?"

Alaire is now more confused by the old man's sudden clarity of speech. Alaire is still in shock at seeing Jimeno disappear right in front of him, but manages, "My name is Alaire."

The old man's eyes and mouth widen in surpise. The old man utters a joyful, "It is true. I was told the young man's name would mean 'chosen'. 'Alaire' is the exact Chinirian word for 'chosen'. I will be gone soon. Remove the cloth from the pedestal. Take the Robojewel. Use it to turn into the Robowarrior and save this colony! Do this. Grant a dying man his last wish."

With that said, the old man coughes and falls silent. Alaire instinctively puts his hand to the man's throat, but feels no pulse. Alaire steps back toward the cloth-draped pedestal as a whirring sound, followed by several robots' digitized tone that serves as their voice, is heared in the distance. The noise grows louder and is soon joined with another noise, the sound of people screaming and running for their lives. Alaire looks frightened as the rush of noises is heard hurrying by from outside the tent. Alaire takes hold of the curtain draped at the entrance of the hut and draws it back, ever so slightly. He peeks out from behind the curtain, his lavender skin is easy to make out against the dark blue sheet. Surprisingly, not one of the robot drones spots him. Alaire watches as the squad of robot drones slide across the floor on single wheels connected to their bodies like unicycles. They are forcing the remaining people at the amusement park into a concealed bin of some sort. The people realize they are being held hostage by these one-wheeled drones and begin screaming now more than ever.

With a frustrated huff, Alaire drops the curtain and jerks himself around to face the pedestal. Furiously, he yanks the blue cloth from the top of the pillar. A scarlet down cushion is revealed with a curious object resting therein. The object is composed of a leather band which appears to fit naturally on Alaire's wrist. A diamond-like jewel is crowned atop the band. Alaire straps the object, which is none other than the fabled Robojewel to his wrist, the glowing jewel fitting perfectly in the palm of his hand.

He starts toward the door of the hut, muttering, "For Jimeno and the people who are being enslaved by a madman, I am chosen."

Interrupting the boy's train of thought, the stone mysteriously speaks, "As I predicted, you are the one."

"Huh?" Alaire inquires, astonished. "You can talk?"

"Yes. Who do you think promised the old man he would see Diyoni return?"

"You can see the future?"

"Not really. I just have incredible foresight." the stone responds. "Now, listen carefully. Those drones will find us in no time. You must have a plan."

"Uh, sure. What do you suggest?"

Their conversation is interrupted by a loud explosion heard outside the tent. The sound of magnetic levitation is heard as a large metal object sweeps past their position. Alaire hears the object join te other drones near the collection bin where the remaining people are being held. A sinister laugh can be heard, followed by a voice which is equally as sinister.

"Finally. The day has come where I will own and rule Starcore. Galacticpalace will be the center of my vast kingdom." the voice says.

The Robojewel in Alaire's hand trembles at the sound of the familiar voice. "That's Diyoni." it states.

The two are interrupted by a tremendous boom from just outside the curtain that serves as a door. The rumbling roar of the explosion almost bursts Alaire's eardrums. Alaire is confused for a moment, but quickly realizes what is happening when a drone enters the room.

The drone takes a long look at the kid, then emits a highpitched shrill tone. Within seconds, several other drones plus the source of the sinister voice outside. The person is clothed in a blue robe, wearing a green horned helmet atop his head. His legs and feet are not present. Instead, he is riding inside a small hovercraft just big enough for body and small enough to be compact. The figure could be none other than the fabled Diyoni.

With a clearly insincere smirk, Diyoni declares, "Well, what do we have here? The famous Robojewel that brought me so much trouble many years ago. Kid, do yourself a favor and hand that rock over right now and I just might make you one of my generals."

Alaire is frightened just at the sound of the figure's voice. He takes a step backward, as if trying to leave.

Diyoni sees this and says, "Come on, kid. Don't be a fool. Give me the stone and we'll all go home happy. Don't make me take it from you. Give it to me now! I don't have all day!"

Both furious and frightened, and not aware of the outcome, Alaire exclaims, "No! Never! Never! I won't!"

Diyoni simply waves a hand in the boy's vicinity. This signals the three drones beside him to converge on Alaire's position. As the three draw near to the boy, Alaire instinctively climbs onto his unicycle and activates the magnetic attraction factor of its engine. He darts out the back of the hut, the three drones following closely behind him. He rounds one corner, then rides straight up the side of one of the rides, hanging in place by the supports. The drones run right by his position and do not seem to notice. They continue to scour around the park, looking for the boy without success. Finally, they return to the hut where Diyoni has met them outside.

"Never mind that kid." He tells them. "Get these citizens to my warship. I will make my ransom tonight."

From high atop the support beams, Alaire and his companion watch the drones operate some sort of transportation device which is connected to the hostage storage bin.

Alaire, in shock, manages to say, "We've got to do something! There going to capture everybody!"

"Alaire calm down. No one is watching us, now listen carefully. Clench your hand into a tight fist." The stone commands. "If you shout the command 'Robobond', you will shatter my crystalline form. This will activate the Robo power held within me. It will transform you into the legendary Robowarrior. Do it now! I will be returned to a jewel when you deactivate."

Alaire obeys the stone in his palm. He clenches his fist tightly, but there seems to be no change in the crystal's form. He shouts, not too loudly where everyone can hear him, what the stone has just told him to shout, "Robojewel, Robobond!"

Instantly, the crystal in his palm shatters, releasing a bright light. When Alaire opens his palm, the light surrounds his form, and gives him a thick, robot-like suit. It also upgrades his unicycle to a high tech cyborg model unicycle.

"Excellent!" Alaire exclaims. "I am the Robowarrior of legend. Now, let's see if Mr. Diyoni recognizes me."

Alaire climbs onto his unicycle and soars down the supports of the ride toward Diyoni and the storage bin. From a small node, he fires a strong blast at the bin which destroys the transporter mechanism. A furious Diyoni turns to see the familiar figure racing toward his party. The figure unmistakingly known as the Robowarrior stops his unicycle when he is directly in front of Diyoni, his back to the storage bin.

A shocked Diyoni manages, "Robowarrior! What are you doing here? How did you stay alive this long?"

Alaire's voice comes from inside the suit and is distorted into a half-robotic tone to hide the boy's identity, "You forget I protect this colony. What do think you're doing capturing all these innocent people? What is your intention, Diyoni?"

"You don't seem to remember me very well. You forget that I want to rule this colony! Capturing these people will force those at the 'upper level' to make me the ruler. Or else I will...." Diyoni makes a throat-slitting gesture as he finishes his statement.

Alaire responds to his opponent, "I'm afraid I can't allow that."

With another blast from his glove, the bin is destroyed, releasing the entrapped people. All of them scramble for the door as fast as their feet will take them. Diyoni is enraged once more as these events take place.

"I don't have this kind of time to waste. Robodrones, seize him!" Diyoni commands as he fades away.

The four cycled drones immediately race toward Alaire. Alaire is not given enough time to run, and the four of them pounce on his back, pinning him to the floor. They try to place some type of wrist restrainer on him, but he rolls over and crushes one of the drones. As he regains his footing, the other three drones extend their fists, trying to land a punch. Alaire catches the first two with his hands and kicks the third away. The third drone hits a wall and explodes. Alaire flips over ad throws the other two into a running fountain.

Alaire turns to see the two cycled drones rise from the fountain, trembling and crackling as the electricity shorts slowly out of them. When it seems that they are almost gone, one climb up on the other's shoulders then raises his arms. The two let out a bright flash of light which covers the entire the facility for about 5 seconds. In a instant, the glow fades. Alaire observes a now large cycle drone standing in the fountain. The produced drone seems to have a type of plastic armor protecting it from the water.

"Oh, great." Alaire mutters to himself.

The new drone wastes no time in jumping out of the fountain. Its speed is much faster than that of the two drones individually. Alaire takes a fierce blow which he never saw coming from behind. He is thrown toward the wall at a fast rate. Alaire doesn't seem to worry. He has everything under control. He causes his improved unicycle to take the impact of hitting the thick metal wall as he turns his body about. The shock absorbers on the robocylce are strong and take the full force of impact as if they were designed for it. Alaire uses this to his advantage and glides down the side of the wall. He reaches the floor only to see the massive drone wreaking havoc on the amusment park. The drone seems to pay no attention to him as it rips up the frame of a roller coaster ride.

Alaire taps the side of his helmet to activate the roboscope in his visor. Carefully, he scans the drone.

"Aha. Just as I thought." he says, "He has a weak sopt in his back. Let's see what kind of weapons this suit is equipped with."

Alaire flashes several images of available weaponry on the screen, finally deciding on a double blade feature, one for each arm.

Without hesitation, he commands, "Roboblades, extend."

Two projections of light are made from the arms of the suit. These reveal two long sword weapons for his use. Endowed with his new weapons, Alaire switches his robocycle to maximum rush and charges toward the drone at full speed. The drone is caught by surprise as the Robowarrior runs the long blades through his armor again and again. Its now frail form flails and flinches before exploding in a volley of sparks and metal pieces.

Alaire thrusts his hand forward and shouts, "Deactivate."

The robotic suit slowly leaves his form the same way it came on. The final piece to fade away is the right arm piece. This particular piece terminates with the Robojewel and wrist band in his hand.

With a pleasant lilt presence in its voice, the Robojewel comments, "Alaire, you did it! You truly are meant to be the new Robowarrior!"

"And you doubted that?" The boy asks.

"Not for a minute. It was more than obvious when Diyoni was driven away the first time that he would return. And I knew, that if came back to try to recapture the colony, someone would be chosen to be the Robowarrior. And now, that day has come."

Alaire gazes across the regions of the park that were destroyed in the battle. With just a hint of frustration welling up in his eyes, he manages to say, "I am more than willing to fight this Diyoni character. He almost destroyed the new amusement park that people worked so hard on and I just know he has Jimeno. With your help, I want to restore peace to this colony."

"You have my help for sure. Make no question of that. I will be glad to aid you. For Starcore!" the stone in his hand challenges.