Title: A Song for America
Author: AsianScaper
Rating: G
Category: Poetry
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Summary: As a member of the human race, I contribute a poem imbued with the anger, sorrow, and hope meant not only for the American people and their tragedy, but to everybody else's as well.
Archiving: Anywhere...anytime.
Dedication: This is dedicated to those who died and to all their families and friends who have suffered in their wake.
Author's Note: There are no words and these are so meager as to be utterly inappropriate...but it's all I could do.


Two sides on either world
Bent to see, then uncurled
Oh, whole oft seen, so bent!
Four walls upon thee rent!

Seek this burnished bruise
Two sides but melt to loose
Shouting stages peruse
The murd'ring, cruel muse!

Screams a-running portray
Pictures obscure in clay
Crumbling 'neath ash and fire
Perchance steel words speak dire

Yonder heads sway by wind
Greater rancor rescind
Blood of bloods in streams flow
To seas where bloodless go

Evil, speaks tongues to kings
Yet good speaks one and flings
Disparate deeds and ways
Defeat 'ere feeble days

Fare thee well, oh great game
'Ere this state meant to tame
Weight now betrays thy scale
That Triumph thou wilt fail

Oh souls to Heaven's gate
Hell's fire now abate
Unearthly shapes -anon!
To gated Avalon!

Hymns are sung on marked stone
Their masons force condone
Requiem to souls we sing
Ascend on Freedom's wing


...and we mourn for all eternity...