An Angel On Earth

Though her wings be not yet bestowed
And her beauty by most unseen,
An angel on Earth I did find
When she was the age of nineteen.

A rather tall angel with eyes of green
And scarlet hair flowing in the breeze,
It was this angel who finally set straight
My heart and put it at ease.

Born in Scotland, she came to dwell
Within the States for a while.
Now she is in Scotland once again
As I wait for her all the while.

An angel on Earth is within my heart
Keeping me far from sorrow.
The day we unite will be joyous indeed,
Though that day be not tomorrow.

My heart doth sing with happiness abounding
Like my throat never could before
Because an angel on Earth will one day be mine
To treasure and to adore.

An angel on Earth, on invisible wings,
Sent down by the Lord above
Is a gift to me to cherish forever
And to shower with all of my love.