Floating on the fly's wings, searching for the dawn,
Careless whispers on the breeze, so long but so gone,
Burn a candle to capture the flame,
But no sparks ignite in life's little game.
The ever-spinning wheel keeping in constant motion,
Young lovers torn apart by a mere notion,
The skies above extinguish the causes of redemption,
Driven mad by this mass deception.
Locked away, gone away, for a time beyond our own,
But before you take that final plunge, you'll reap what you sow,
Not a flicker of light whilst in the dark,
Underneath the spell of sins we embark.
A journey throughout, the seasons long awaited,
Even after the daylight has faded,
A gentle touch, a forgotten hue,
Shades and colors run anew.
Skin can bleed and it can crawl,
A baby can cry so it will bawl,
Tears can shed and mysteries arise,
Just as comets plummet from the skies.
This vast destruction through heart and soul,
Binds us eternal, yet we don't know,
Centuries beset in our world of hate,
We care for nothing because it's there to forsake,
The flowers lift open their petals of lace,
And the light flits through, over Her face.
Our Mother, our Earth, our Goddess is renewed,
And so now, my friend, I bid thee adieu.