Land of the Free

Freedom, let's analyze that for a moment. Freedom: to do or live as one pleases with immunity of restrictions.
In America, this refers to a whole other spectrum of nearly every versatile aspect of life. One of these is a thing we like to call "Religion". In America, people can believe whatever they want to believe, place their faith in the presence of anything, or even of nothing at all. It is that that makes America what it is. People can live without restrictions of belief.
Another end of the spectrum is something called "Race". This word forged a battle that in smaller circumstances is still being fought today. A week ago both of these sides of the spectrum merged, and many citizens began to deny what makes us Patriots in the first place. They denied their own tolerance of those of a certain race and religion.
Muslims are being targeted by their fellow citizens. Friends question a friendship based on a belief and an assumption. Many citizens decide to take the law into their own hands, and kill their own common sense, or their ability to look at it another way. A black man wearing a turbine was killed not long ago. This innocent man wasn't even Muslim...
You want someone to blame? You have one! Blame terrorism! Blame bin Laden! Blame your own rage and stupidity if you see it fit. Just because an enemy is a certain thing, doesn't make a similarity a reason to kill what we stand for. I don't care if you're Muslim, Christian, Catholic, Jewish, or Buddhist, we stand together! All citizens of one nation, under God, indivisible. "Unbreakable" should be added to our pledge.
Actually, never mind, I take that back. This goes out to all those assuming and judging against their own codes: if this is how you think and then react, you have Shattered America. You alone, have Shattered what we stand for. You have sunk to the level of terrorists and bin Laden himself: the killing of innocence.
American Muslims and Euro/Asian Muslims alike are pissed about this happening. They're as ticked off as we are. They didn't see it coming just like everyone else. Who gives a damn what faith bin Laden follows? Does that make the faith itself satanic because of one false believer? What the hell are we doing??? STAND TOGETHER! NOW AND ALWAYS! You put aside your petty assumptions, you take your friends and comrades in arms regardless of their faith, skin color, clothes, or accent and you Rise!
Land of the Free? Home of the Brave? You decide. Yeah, I guess you're REAL brave to go against the rest of America, huh? Become a terrorist in yourself, thinking you're doing something for your country. That's what bin Laden thought, but he doesn't even have a country, just a principle, a pretty damn stupid one that would justify what was done.
For all those that just want peace, my prayers are shared with yours. "Calm our fury, Stay our rage, Become our Vengeance, oh Lord." Forever and always, I stand with the nation, every citizen, every race. Wake up.