I am trapped.
My spirit cannot fly free
The weight of the world holds me down.
It cramps my every stretch - my every attempt at freedom -
and blows apart my dreams.

I am taught how to think
and what to hear.
I see only what I am supposed to see.
My brain is molded like a piece of clay,
my senses are dulled by depression.

I search, but return empty.
I seek, but do not often find.
I scream, but no one hears me.
I am lost in a familiar place.
I am alone.

"Home" is my prison and my sanctuary.
My friends are my greatest enemies,
yet without them I would fail.
Will I ever understand?
I am trapped.

One day the weight will be lifted, and
I dream of the day I will fly -
The day I will soar above the Earth.
The day when the dreaming is over
and my spirit is finally set free.


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