dont hate me because im wiccan

dont tell me that im crazy,
or that ill burn in hell.
when you walk by me in the school halls,
please dont scream or yell.

dont quote the bible to me,
dont tell me that im wrong.
if we leave each others religions alone,
maybe we could get along.

i dont eat little children,
i believe in peace and love.
i wont tell you that i hate you,
cuz you believe in your god, above.

i do spells to help others,
and i wouldnt harm a thing.
dont hate me cuz i wear the pentacle,
on my necklace and my ring.

it doesnt mean i love the devil,
in him, i dont believe
it stands for the elements and spirit.
and protection to recieve.

i may wear black, but thats not,
simply because i am a witch.
you hate me because im different,and
i dont worship abercrombie and fitch.

i worship the god and goddess,
and the magick in everyone.
i didnt choose this religion
cuz i thought spells would be fun.

the spells are just an extra,
thats not what wicca is about.
is there magick all around us...
i never once did doubt.

i have a different set of beliefs,
just accept it and ill be fine.
we can be friends dispite our differences.
you believe in your religion and ill believe in mine.