In this song, "sleeping beauty" isn't referring to the actual fairy-tale character, but as a metaphor for a girl...okay, nevermind, I'm not good at explaining this crap, so just read it and see for yourself. Enjoy, and review! ^_^

Nightmare (Sleeping Beauty)

She wakes up in the forest,
each twig within her grasp.
Reaching out to touch him,
he slipped away so easily.

Wander into oblivion,
it's so quiet without you.
Each time it's always the same,
your sanity's had enough.

Sleeping beauty...
It's time to wake up...
Your dreams are turning to nightmares,
and I can't stand to see you like this,
everything's turning into a wish,
everything's turning...away...

And now she's feeling helpless,
about to poison herself.
Tired like the wise old sage,
her mind billows like the clouds.

He watches from afar,
watching her destroy herself.
He turns away, walks away,
she's left alone with her thoughts.

Sleeping beauty...
you need to wake up...
Your dreams are turning against you,
and you have no one to go to,
and nothing seems to be true,
everything's going...away...

~*~I think this one's structurally more mature than my first one (Pandora), even though the subject matter isn't as...anguished. I wonder why all my songs turn out anguished...oh well. I know that I tend to use different subjects (?) like from "her" to "you", but I decided not to change it because it makes sense in my mind. _ Ok, I'll stop writing so much since I don't think anyone's going to actually read all this...ack. ^_^