This was an English assignment to write a Native American/Indian style myth

This was an English assignment to write a Native American/Indian style myth. Here it is.

Tears of Fire

By Farla

Long, long ago the Earth was wrapped in gentle darkness. Strange white plants spread useless leaves up to the pale gray light of the moon. There was no light other than that of the moon in this dark world, for there was no fire.

Men, though, found fire in the hearts of wood and learned to nurture it so it will grow. When the other animals saw the fire, they were mesmerized by it and would stand there, staring at it while the men walked up with spears. Only when blood was drawn would the animal realize its mistake, and try to escape, but by then it was too late. Blinded by the flickering light, the creature was slaughtered.

And so the men became greedy and cruel, taking only the best from each creature and leaving the rest. They would kill a great bear, and take only a few slices of its meat to eat then move on. They would kill a great bison and take only the best meat, the tongue, and leave the rest to rot.

The Great Mystery looked out over the world as the men killed and wasted. It cried, and its golden tears fell downward onto the dark Earth.

The firewater tears caused the sky to burn. Animals and humans alike were broiled as they stood. No one could hide from this new enemy, with the abilities of both fire and water.

Finally, the Great Mystery ceased its tears, and drove the tears on the Earth away. And the men and animals rejoiced.

But to make sure that the men did not forget the lesson, the Great Mystery placed one shining tear in the great blue sky, where it burns today. The animals are no longer mystified by fire, for they can look up and see it often. And men, too, can look up at the beacon of their shame, so that they will not forget.

Even now, some plants from the time of darkness grow. The white Indian Pipe flower, which even now spreads its white blossoms skyward, is a persisting reminder of the time of darkness.

It is said that one day man will forget about his past crimes, and in forgetting them he will repeat them. The vast bison herds will vanish from the land, and so will the green of the plants. Men will make strange arrows that kill far faster then before, and they will kill and kill without a thought. They will not follow the Great Mystery's teachings, and will instead worship a god of suffering, and cause pain and strife to those who still follow the Great Mystery.

It is said that when the Great Mystery cries again, his tears will not be of golden firewater, when there is not light, but instead of green growing, when there is no green left. But though his tears may be of life-green, they will be even more deadly then his past golden fire-tears. And for forgetting the Great Mystery again, it will not cease its tears but let all those who scorned its teachings die.

The Time Of Darkness is past. Now is the Time Of Golden Fire. If humans fail again, there will come a Time Of Green Fire. And perhaps all those who live in that time may look up, to see one more green shining tear imbedded in the sky, shining bravely beside the gold.

So, how many of you can guess what the golden fire, green fire, strange arrows and god of suffering are? The Great Mystery is another name for the Great Spirit, in case you're wondering.