Kay, I'm going to not ramble. I'm going to explain.

Brody story is going to have to stop. Don't get angry and yell at me, just read, right?
I have so many ideas for better stories in my mind. I have plans for Coffeeshop, plans for a journal style story with some new characters, plans for Reuben and Corey, and of course plans to write Gavin and Brody a new, better and hopefully more realistic story.

So, here's the plan.
Part 12 is going nowhere. The whole story is old...and I really feel I could do them more justice (B&G, that is) by writing them something new and fresh and a helluva lot better.
People say in reviews that they love it, and I even love it sometimes, but I love the characters more and...
they need something more. Something that I'm really proud of. I was proud of bstory, but now I think I've grown as a writer and whatnot and want to write better things!
So, look out for:

-A new Brody and Gavin story, untitled so far
-a story about Ruenne, the girl who looks like a 12 yr old boy at his gangly awkward stage (ehehhe)
-chapter three of coffeeshop?! whaat? yes ^_^
-maybe, maybe, something starring Corey and Reuben. Definitely someday, but not top priority.

what about all the other characters, you ask?
trust me. I cannot escape them. They'll be there XD

So...if you have some sort of medical reason that I have have HAVE to continue bstory from where it is...e-mail me and I'll tell you what I had planned. although I admit I have no clue how it was going to end.
Actually, I was totally swinging by the seat of my pants.
O.o; next story will be planned (loosely at least) from start to finish.
so no, don't e-mail me. just put me in your will. XD

thank you everyone who has supported me, I promise to work out my new GxB story and have a first chapter out soon.
Now that I'm free, I'm full of ideas!
If you have any questions, please e-mail me.
I promise, I promise, Brody and Gavin will be back for sure.
those of you who have made yourselves plushies, make me one dammit! *L* no, j/k. only if you want to *looks cute*