Author's Notes

Author's Notes: This is a kind of massive teaser. I'm a young writer-in-training and I want to get a feel for how people view my style. Some of this story may be hard to follow at first because I'm developing my skill as a fantasy writer. Still, I feel the characters are presented well enough that the story will work just based on their interactions, for the time being anyway. Understand I view my writing as character plot first and action plot afterwards. But I do plan to take a seminar on fantasy writing in college so that I can clean up my mistakes in this. Unfortunately, I have no plans to release the whole novel on the web. I'm just going to gauge the reactions I get and work from there.

Summary: Let's see, we have the clairvoyant Tyrell whose problems consist of being in love with his cousin, trying to handle his band STRYFE, and his ever-zany sister Kat. Of course, none of this prepares him for the whole new slew of problems that erupt once he is thrown into the mix of an ancient destiny. Now as if he didn't have enough to deal with, he has to contend with several strange youths claiming to be his protectors including the abusive introvert Dominic and the reckless danger-junkie Lucian. With friends like these, who needs enemies?

That said, onto the warnings. Take them seriously!

Warnings: Heavy shonen ai implied.(And um Chp. 21) You really have to be blind not to notice it. Also intense angst. If you're looking for something warm and fuzzy, you better go elsewhere 'cause you're not going to find any of that here. Basically because all of the main characters are crazy in some way or other hence the title of the story :) Uh, possible allusions to child abuse, suicide, and drug use. Oh and some nasty language and violence hence the PG-13 rating. Perhaps, I should also mention that this is really on the borderline of dark at points, due to the possible insanity of some of the characters. Um....yeah ;)

Fine with it? Okay, then enjoy the ride.

Well, this is now at it's 21 chapter mid-point. There's a whole lot more to it of course, including huge secrets about most of the major characters including Angelique, Tavores, and Vincient. The Tyrell, Dominic, and Lucian trio have much more problems to deal with as well. I plan on the entire story having 20 or more additional chapters that I don't intend to post on the net. If you're really interested in getting the rest of the story after 21, you can email me. Maybe you can talk me into posting a bit more.
Currently I am considering continuing this on the net since I have gotten a little decent feedback. But I'm going to need a bit more in order to add the rest since the only reason I'm putting up is for advice and input. (I usually never show my stuff to anyone.) Course I'll still send chapters to those who have given me some help. ^_~