Hands on her hips, grinding their bodies together. Sweat building up and hot breath on her neck. The plan wasn't looking so bad. She looked up and smiled into his red eyes. She looked over at Fletcher and smiled. He had two girls surrounding him and he was dancing between them. He gave her a wink and she laughed.

"You want a drink?" her blue haired friend asked. She nodded and let him take her hand and lead her to the bar. He ordered two beers and led them to a corner in the club.

"So what's your name?" he asked as he took a swig of his beer. She gave a small smile and looked up at him.

"Jordan… and you are?"

"Stefan… you come here often?" he smiled and she threw her head back in laughter at the corny old pick up line.

"Actually I don't. Clubs aren't usually my thing." He nodded and they drank silently for a few minutes taking in the crowds.

"You escaping from something?" he asked trying to be heard over the music. Leaning into his ear, she swallowed her drink and answered.

"Someone." He nodded understanding and went to get them both another drink. She watched him suanter over to the bar and relaised that he was actually very attractive. She ran her fingers through her hair to smooth it and applied the lip-gloss from her bag. He came back and four beers later they were back on the dance floor. Two bodies as one.


"Mickey! We've been to three clubs and they aren't there! I thought you knew where he went." Alex walked impatiently to the back of the waiting line and Mickey sighed as he stopped beside him. This had all gotten out of hand and he wished he had been striaght with them all from the beginning. 'Alex, Jordan likes you… Jordan, Alex likes you back.' Was that really so hard? Why had he played these useless games under the prefix that he was helping?

"He goes to them all. This is the last one, but they might not be here." He said and prayed that they had found their friends.

"No they might be in a hotel room." He whispered more to himself then Mickey but he was heard.

"This is your fault man. You pushed her away. You should have told her you loved her and none of this would be happening." Alex swiped his hand through his curls and sighed. His friend was right. This whole thing could have been avoided. He just hoped he wasn't too late to change things.

A few minutes later they entered the crowded club and scanned the room for Jordan. She shouldn't have been too hard to find with her black hair and pink dress. But they could see her anyway. Moaning in frustration as they moved through the crowds of dancing people, he pushed and pulled his way through envious girls and spilt drinks. The thought of Jordan being part of this made him sick.

"Alex! Over there!" he turned and saw Fletcher in a deep embrace with a red head. Working their way over there, he pulled them apart and glared at his friend.

"Where is she?" he asked roughly causing his friend to wish he hadn't intervined. He placed a hand around the womans waist and sighed.

"I don't know man. Last I saw she was with some guy." Alex pushed him away in fear that if he continued to look at him he would do something he would regret. He stood still in the crowd and intently scanned the room. That's when he saw her. Legs entwined, arms around some guy's neck, leaning in for a kiss. And not from the looks of it, the first. Like a shot he ran to her and pulled her from her startled companion.

"Alex!" she slurred and he realised she was drunk. He took her arm and pulled her with him to make out of the club.

"Hey… you can't just drag her off like that!" he turned and gave an evil grin to the man.

"I can and I will." He turned back and started to leave. He felt a hand on his shoulder and let the anger in him erupt. He let go of Jordan's hand and swung his right arm until it connected to flesh. He watched as Mr 'blue and red' fell to the floor. His friends gasped but he ignored their shock and grabbed her hand for the second time. Not letting go until they reached his car.

"Alex. You have no right to do this." He didn't answer, just pushed her into the car and started the engine. She felt tears come to her eyes. She had ruined everything. Her best friend was the angriest she had ever seen him and it was her fault.

"Alex… please. Where are we going?" she whispered and he turned to look at her with a hard expression on his face and in his eyes.

"I'm taking you home… we need to talk!"

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