Countdown to Desperation

A poem during Finals week I know I should not do

But when the muse strikes,
It's hard not to.

I've done two tests,
It's been the best.
The worst is yet to come.
I got my first grade back tonight,
I must admit, I had a fright.
There wasn't much to do on it,
I studied more than I saw fit.

Went in confident and bright
Came out happy, thought I'd done alright.
All my life I've gotten A's,
So common I recieved no praise.
Now I struggle to get an A.

In science, no better do I see.
The way to go is wordsmithy.
For most, papers are a chore
Me, I couldn't like them more
Pulling explanations out of the air,
Easy! Without a care.

I know English majors have it rough.
(The rest of us hear it enough)
So what new major shall I choose?
I know! I know!
Art studies is what I must peruse!
But I'll wait till after finals;
What is there to lose?

Spring Finals 1997