Forever is a Name

Jumbo the Jaguar rages forth in his jagged juggernaut

Effervescent with the limpid moon, luminous, wan



Await the bubbly jaguar

The cornucopia has been stimulated

Not then, yet, the forever jaguar gazes up, moonward

He likes the stars

So says the Neener

Author's note: This was the result of an Amnesty International poetry inservice I attended with four of my friends on April 10th, 1999. We were given a number of words we needed to us and the number of times we had to use them, and told to create a poem. Wierd, ne? But somewhat meaningful. Please, if anyone recognises this poem, I've lost track of all the people who wrote this with me.. please drop me an email and let me know what's been going on with you since college.