I walk the fence as gracefully
as the cat-goddesses of my ancestors.
Careful not to go too far to one side or the other,
lest I lose that which makes me what I am.

I am Sehkmet.
I am Bast.
I am the Huntress that stalks the night,
and the mother that guards her kits from it.

I am Lilith.
I am the Virgin.
I am the scorned first wife,
mother to unbridled power,
and also the pure heart,
capable of nurturing power yet unfulfilled.

I am Hera and Athena,
mother of spite and patron od wisdom.
I am Kali and Durga.
Beloved of the battle,
slayer of the demons that plague mankind.

In the oriental sense,
I am the Yin and the Yang,
though resolutely female.

I am who I am,
She Who Stands at the Crossroads
forever maintaining the Balance.

I am Woman.

July 1, 1998 11:10 PM