Letters from Home-away

Someone else's momma says

My baby's coming home today

He left to fight someone else's war

Is it mine?

I sit and wait.

Someone else's sister says

I thought of you today

We learned of war, so far away

Was this the one for me?

I sit on the floor and wait.

Someone else's daughter says

My love goes out to him today

Gone to fight for people, for whom I pray

Did he come for me?

I sit in my cell and wait.

The door breaks down.
Someone else's husband says

I've been sent yesterday, today

Today to take you away

they fought for me

stand in the light,

watch, and say

What price freedom?

Written at an Amnesty International poetry inservice on April 10, 1999. Please support Amnesty International. Contact them to adopt a detainee and write letters to them. Someday all humanity will be free.