©September 20 2001 by Phantom Angel

©September 20 2001 by Phantom Angel

Lost? or Found?

A glimmer of hope shines through

The seas of stormy green.

And a thunder of purest lightning,

Dies bleeding in the dark.

For a moment in time,

A brief second of silence,

The world stands still

Like a goddess of ivory stone.

It stands unmoving and lifeless,

For the one that has been, is no longer.

And this world is wounded with despair.

A stone finger of the statue bends,

Slowly… clinging to its jaded leaves.

The wind howls in the darkened silence,

Its many voices whispering together,

A chorus of unsung songs for her

She who has passed past the rim.

Pained songs sung by the grim columns of now faceless masks.

Hope has left, she has vanished,

And behind her, chaos was made king.

Both the ivory statue, and the river of voices

Bow in silence to the master of destruction.

Their souls crying out for a redemption.

But where there was the face of hope before,

Now stood nothing but an empty void.

And their eyes guiltily downcast t'ward the earth.

A foul smell of hatred,

And a sour taste of fear,

Readily snap their whips above the condemned,

Driving them down the path engraved

With the footsteps of their forefathers.

The road is grim and silent,

Plagued with painful twists and turns,

For there's nothing worse than a trip through a guilty mind.

But of a sudden, there's an end,

And both the statue and the voices,

Light up in expectancy.

Sitting on her mighty throne,

Is the divine figure of Judgement.

The balance of power sitting in her right hand,

And the sceptre of decision sitting in her left.

The guilty stand to the side,

Wordlessly pleading for life,

But Judgement is deaf to their cries.

She sees only Justice, the handsome angel glimmering above her.

A quick soft glance above her,

And Judgement hits her sceptre on the marble floor.

The room boomed with the sacred sound, the decision being made.

And it's how it is today.

A/N: Hello, this is another poem I wrote. Could you guys just please review? I wish to enter it in a poetry contest. Do you think it's worthy enough? First and foremost, do you think it's too heavy with symbolism? Is it too confusing? Please help! Thanks a lot!!! Oh, by the way, the title is subject to change. Can ne of you guys find a better one? I'm still thinking.