Queen Corenthia stared into the blue and white patterns of her marble floor. It had only been two days since the body of her eldest son had been found mutilated and lying entangled in the roots of a dark elm. She had first become worried when Chava, his war horse, had returned to the Davron kingdom without a rider. Her fears had proved to be accurate and now her heart, as well as her kingdom was in turmoil. Her long, white hair fell forward into her stormy gray eyes but she ignored it. In truth she had shut out most of the world for the past two days. Her younger son had taken over all responsibilities and had made sure that the kingdom continued to run smoothly. However, she knew that she couldn't hide forever nor could she leave everything up to her only remaining child who had not yet been given a chance to grieve.

Malajitm's death had brought with it many complications. Had he died in battle, Corenthia would still have been devastated but would have nowhere near the problems she had now. "A mere wolf," the queen's voice was barely audible. The whole kingdom had been shocked by this sudden death. Outside of battle, it was practically unheard of for an elf to die from something besides old age. Elves were magical and had highly-tuned senses. Malajitm should have been able to feel the wolf coming from miles away. Then to add to that, Chava had apparently run off and not helped her master. It was very odd for she was a fiercely loyal horse. Ever since Malajitm's body had been brought back, Chava had not left the burial site. She barely ate and did nothing but stare at her master's grave. It was all very strange and now there was a sense of fear running through the community.

There was also the matter of the letter found on the prince's body. That was one thing that hadn't been revealed to the Davron citizens. Apparently their old human ally, the kingdom of Rakin, had been overthrown and the king killed. The two princesses somehow managed to escape and were now asking for Davron's help. The queen sighed as she hoisted herself out of her chair. She walked slowly and gracefully to one of the many large windows in the room. Once the prince had been buried, Corenthia had ordered that no one should enter the throne room until further notice, Yet, the emptiness of the room only made her feel more alone in this odd and unpredictable world. She cringed at the echoes of her footsteps as they bounced around the room. It seemed like ages before she reached the window. She hoisted up her long silvery gown and revealed long, slim legs that looked both elegant and powerful. Lifting one leg up, she placed her left foot on the windowsill and pulled herself up. She hadn't sat in a windowsill since the time of her father's reign. Everything had seemed simpler then. Now she knew better. Though she had grown in many ways since that time, the window seat still provided her with the same comfort and calming effect. She merely had to sit and look out the window and the world suddenly seemed a little better.

Perhaps it was the view more than the seat that gave Corenthia such a warm feeling. Her kingdom was in the middle of the Serbi woods and located on a small mountain. At the very top of the mountain was the palace. Gazing down, Corenthia could see almost her entire kingdom. The oldest houses were a blend of dark green and brown so that they would be harder to pick out if the kingdom was attacked. The newer houses were constructed during a time of piece and were in shades of white and pale blue. They were constructed out of shaonite so that when the sun hit the stone, the buildings would seem as if they were glowing.

The best part, however, for Corenthia was being able to watch everyone as they went about. It made her feel like she was a part of something. More importantly it made her realize that she was not alone. A feeling she needed desperately at the moment. she was the same as all the other elves in her kingdom. Unlike the human kingdoms where royalty kept to themselves, Corenthia spent her days visiting her "common" friends. She happened to be their ruler but they were still her equals.

It was really them that she should be thinking about right now. She could see the uncertainty in their eyes over the princes death. Tradition stated that there should be a month of mourning when a member of the royalty dies outside of battle (where the kingdom would instead vow to destroy the other kingdom). However, this would entail Davron to a month of solitude with minimal connection to the outside world. Naturally this would mean they couldn't help in the battle over Rakin.

Traditions could be broken, however, but what the queen worried about was how it would affect her people. Had Malajitm been killed by Morven's forces then the citizens would already be suited up with weapons in hand. But the fact was that this war would seem very distant to her people. Yes Rakin was their ally but at the moment their heads were filled with memories of the prince. The couldn't put their hearts into this war. They would be distracted and disheartened and overall very inefficient fighters.

Joining in a war at this time would be disastrous to her kingdom. Her heart ached for she knew the pain the two princesses must be feeling at their father's death, but to be a good ruler she had to put her people first. With her mind made up, she exited the throne room and headed to her study. The latter needed to be sent off as soon as possible.