I am depressed

For I have something

In my possession

That I want nothing to do with


Just what is that?

A storm cloud?

A bumblebee?

Only but a feeling

Hidden deep inside ourselves

I wish,

That I had no fear

I want to be brave

Like Matthias of Redwall

But that be only a book

I have fear

Strong fear

The main one

That I want to decease

Is people



When standing up in front of a crowd

And doing something

Especially singing

I shake

I cry

I want to hide

I want to run


Somewhere far

For I have a wish

That is impossible to happen

Unless the fear is gone

I wish to join chorus

At my school

To see my friends

Ones I miss very much

I don't get to see them often

Some rarely never thus year

I miss them

I want to see them

But I can't

My poor wish is shattered

For two reasons

My voice

Would never be good enough to sing

I have heard my real voice

Even if I wasn't afraid

When singing, I'd never be accepted

Awful I sound


No one would ever

Want to hear me sing

I can't sing

My poor friends beg to hear me

But alas

My timid voice comes to me

My eyes tear up

My legs shake

My stomach churns

When I am afraid

I want to scream

Too scared I am

Too scared to sing

I am but too shy

And too miserable

I get embarrassed to sing

When forced to sing

My face is red

Tears rush down my face

As if an eyelash is chasing them

It is awful



I hate it

Out of everyone

That I have told

About this fear

Who have sat

Me down

And talked to me

And tried to help me

Rid my life of this fear


None have helped me

The reason why I still have this fear

I can't get rid of it alone

Help I need

But alas

I never



A/N- This poem is totally true. If you have any suggestions for me to how I get rid my life of this fear, please respond!