Notes: Heeeeeh. This is on crack. Its all mine, yadda yadda. There may be an inside joke about Kris having a crush on a guy named Noah ^_~ Enjoy!

Hoshiko: Go on! Try some!

Meikoku: Is's cake?

Hoshiko: Of course! Here, you each get a piece.

Brody: Thank you!

Kris: Hn. You sure this is edible?

Brody: Kris!

Hoshiko: Yes! Come on, guys...

Meikoku: *cough* It's-*choke* going down-*gasp* wrong *gag*

Kris: You killed him with your shitty cooking, Hoshiko. Congrats.

Hoshiko: KRIS! You're SO next on my hit list!

Gavin: Um, ladies... Someone dying? Can the bitch fight wait, perhaps?

Brody: I know the heimlich maneuver!

Kris: He's still coughing, Brody. When he turns blue, go for it.

Meikoku: I'm okay...*cough*

Hoshiko: Yay! Here, drink some water.....Now, finish your cake!

Kris: This is cruel and unusual punishment.

Hoshiko: No, being locked up in Emiko's head with YOU is cruel and unusual punishment. Now eat it, or I'll tell Noah-

Kris: Fine! Geez, I'll eat your fucking cake, happy?

Gavin: Um, I'd love to stay But I have to go *runs away*

Brody: It's not so bad. More of an aquired taste...

Hoshiko: Watch it, B-chan!

Meikoku: Is this enough?

Hoshiko: Oh, come ON. Two more bites, kay?

Kris: When he dies from food poisoning, what'll you do?

Hoshiko: Go after you.

Kris: Touché!