The Bus Ride

We've just worked our butts off,

Everyone's adrenaline's still pumping.

But the lights are turned off,

And only the red lights outside are jumping.

You turn around to speak,

And all I can do is listen.

At first you looked so meek,

Then I wondered 'what was I missin''?

One on one more is learned,

And another aspect is vented to the another.

All the more personal demeanor is earned,

As we get to know each other.

You let something personal go,

With only a shred of hesitation.

You speak of it as if no one would know,

As if it were told of a revelation.

Our wisdom can't always end the show,

Not when you're the only healer.

All we could do is ease the blow,

But not bribe the card dealer.

There must be something else I can do,

Something I can hope to mend.

For all the time I've spent with you,

I wished that bus ride would never end.

And when the wheels stop,

Do we plunge back into the fray of what-ifs and wonder?

Hopelessly looking up top,

Waiting for normality to be torn asunder.

I don't know if that will ever occur,

As much as my mind wishes it could.

I look back and wish I said more to her,

More than I think I would.

But why dwell on things of the past,

Then we miss others of the future.

We try not to become surpassed,

By our own regrets and doubt.