I bring my greasy hands to my mouth, wet, salty with the popcorn, and oh so sweet, yes, little seedling, crumbly crumbs on my fingers, and sticky, clinging to my skin as it falls from my hand, onto the floor

I bring my greasy hands to my mouth, wet, salty with the popcorn, and oh so sweet, yes, little seedling, crumbly crumbs on my fingers, and sticky, clinging to my skin as it falls from my hand, onto the floor. the dogs lick it up

rabbitdecay moths
shadows, death, dark, soft moths consumeyou, down feathers, caress, so light, so pale, pale night, eggs fright

frolic trolloc, almost haul luck

Moon wax full and raise the tides, part on mar rot angry root flies

--No, flew, flew into the dusk, rhyme time rhythmic rust
they're flying, flying, far far away, into the dusk of night where they play, music, ah! music, shines the breath today, and the sheep over the hill sing madrigals on their way

White halls, dripping milk, bloody swells upon their silk, my hands of time soft sliding, down your skin agliding, there springing from my touch, the ever-growing rush, of flames that tongue the plush, grass you pour your milk

Softly coalescing, upon his furrowed brow, the wings of time caressing, to sing the pattern now. his eyes so dark and glaring, his gaze so soft and staring, the look sending shivers, like hands, down my naked spine

Reveal the music from the air, the tears and love and cries that tear, my heart in pieces lying there, for fear and sand both disappear. the dark surrounds me now, it humms, with wonders softly glowing, hiding me from wandering glums, whispers across my skin are flowing

The sensation shocks me, I whirl to look, his hands upon my shoulders, hooked, his eyes both staring straight into mine, I remain, captured, by his dark shine. the way he stands, the way he speaks, the way his fingers brush my cheek, his music flaring in my soul, reminding me where I wish to go. his hands stroke the fire from my skin, that flame that quickens, deep within. my hands across his chest do slide, feeling the smooth and softest glide. oh! no
i lost it there

Sweet passion, salty sweat, all these--we only just met, his hands stroke me, his body cloaks me, as we writhe against the dark. the sensations drip, like chocolate silk, down my shivering thighs, and his pulses, wet with coming yet, his mouth to stifle my cries

Black as blood, red as night, his sighs and touches burn me right, down to the bone where slender grows, the marrow turning with its throes

She looks at me, so heavily, for one so small and young as she. her gaze chases me, so readily, back into my hollow on heels free

Her eyes, glazed with tears, stare up at me. I can't hold her gaze, and look away, this sadness too much to bear. The question burns between us, but I ignore its thrust. I don't want to, no! But she bares her shoulders, and in the black moonlight I hear it sing. Ah! Hidden petals of lust opening up within my heart, my bloody heart, for that which she longs to give. She hears my sharp indrawn breath, and her eyes lock mine. Oh, it rises, and I can no longer see her, just the sing, the glorious hum of it beneath her moonpale skin. And I can no longer resist. It moves inside me, coalescing, growing, waxing, climax! My teeth break the skin, and I can no longer see anything but the black of blood, the red of night, the smell of her fright, and singing in my heart, in my soul, in my veins, the drumbeat of my heart, inside me, longing, the bloodsong. I loved her, but she is no longer. Only the crimson and the dark, chocolate shadows, flowing lust, dark as passion and cool as flames, and then, and then.... it is over, and she is no more. I raise my head from the carnage I have wrought, and scream into the night. NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Her dark eyes turn down, but not before he sees them shine with tears. From the opposite end, it comes!!! Anger, surge upon surge, into the night, or is it passion? Never know. Fall to the ground, entwined, and her tears of loss turn to the dew of passion. He wept inside her as his head lay on her chest, and he could feel her heartbeat, throbbing, inside and out, through veins and through love, and they promised never to part. He gripped her in his arms so tightly, and fell back into the bed, spent. Abating, slowing, fading away into sleep and troubled dreams, but no... wait. She sleeps the silent sleep of death! In his head a battle rages, between hatred and love, jealousy and forgiveness, pure hot RAGE! and relent. It overtakes him, and he falls back, the feeling washing through, wave after wave, it fades, leaves, and death is the only thing left to them. After their bodies were torn by rage of sorrow and full, forgiving love. Now, peace reigns, and the wind stirs their breath no longer. But something remains. Something, slowly rising, ascending grandly though the golden rays of morning. The heavens open up, tears of joy! and they are gone

--Romeo and Juliet