That morning, I never suspected

To look fate in the eyes

All old ideas rejected

An answer to my cries

Love welcomed me with open arms

Played fully on my heartstrings

Took in by your exquisite charms

Your music lent my soul wings

But through that time, you bastard

You self-revering fool

My virgin heart you mastered

And played by all the rules

You never really cared for me

Such tenderness pretended

Though took my kisses readily

My world you had upended

I didn't want to face it

Though all the signs were clear

My entire heart, I gave it

Rejection held such fear

But then that awful night

When you said to me goodbye

And not a word could I write

Merely heart-broke, wailing "why?"

…..Oh, but I'm over you now

You cold-hearted player

And no more will I bow

To the ruthless heart slayer

Though my true love was wasted

Untried heart paying the price

A bit of your world I've tasted

And a player's heart is ice