Notes: Whoa. Dude. This is old, not sure HOW old...Its about depression and how it comes back, occasionally, to haunt me. I like it. Not depression, but this...thing. Not a poem, exactly.
Anyhoo, some parts are better than others. Some parts are truer than others. Reviews are nice. Tell me I'm a wanna be, tell me I suck.
I Dare You.

And she explored cautiously, stepping ever deeper into experience. It took her in, enticing, bringing her back. It had changed, grown, become so much more than it was and so much less. Long months ago it was left behind, to catch up later. To catch up now. It tightens it's grip and she's swallowed, consumed. She thought she knew, but it's all so different. Now, it doesn't feel bad. It feels right. This frame of mind takes hold, and she changes with it. She waves goodbye to what she was and embraces what she is. Defiant, she steps forward. I Dare You. This is how I think, and this is what I am. I am everything, and I don't need to feel different. I am, and I would never want to be the same. As they are, they are all the same. There are a few who can be salvaged, and then there are the rest. They cling to material things, and cry over trivial matters. And I feel pity. For I have found the truth. Have you? Did you know there is so much more than the world around us, and I can reach out and brush it with my fingers outstretched. And then I gain my footing, and there is a world of my creating. It is changing as I speak, have you noticed I am no longer She? I step frequently over the boundaries of life and life, for they are one and the same. One to live, and one to write. It all melds together, becomes one. Simple and complex, an oxymoron for the ages. It's all wearing off, to return when it damn well pleases. And I'll wait, writing silly nothingness and saying stupid everything. I hope someday I get a grip on it, too, so we can break even. It has a hold, but I'm grasping pure air. It's out of my reach, yet I'm within its. The sight is still fogged with emotion and memory, and I want so much to posess it. I want it to come when I call, and now take me by surprise. I don't want to watch it come close, and recede. And the patience eludes me, I will it back to give me this power. This knowledge. I am everything. Or, I will be...