Alex Night: Vampire Hunter

The Vengence, The Pain, The Death, and the Beginning

By: Jennifer L. Bratcher

The Elf with the Fang Sharp Wit.

I can still hear their screams in my head. I can still hear the gunshots. I can still see his icy, silvery-blue eyes as he looked at my father and myself in distaste. I can still feel the painful burn of the silver bullet ripping into my shoulder and out the other side.

That's why I'm here, standing on top of an abandoned warehouse, watching. Because of something that happened a long time ago. Something that made me a little crazy.

Before I start telling you my story, I have to give you my name, Alexandria Night, but call me Alex or I'll kick your ass. See, if you knew anything about the supernatural structure of things or even a little about the Lupines, you would recognize my last name. If not, well, I'll get to that, just be patent.

A few years back, right after that night, there was something called the Lifting of the Cover of Darkness. Humans became aware that they weren't the highest on the food chain any more because things like vampires, werewolves, Fey, and the Lupines existed. They weren't the top bananas, but they did out number the supernatural critters. Anyway, as humans tend to do, they tried to embrace the darkness, the Americans especially, and find a place for them in their society. Most of the leeches, puppies, and the rest were like, "Hey, this is pretty sweet." Then there are the ones that I go after, but I'll get to that.

You're probably getting annoyed because I keep saying, "I'll get to that." Well, tough shit. You wanted to listen to this story and I'll get around it in my own time. I'm random, so get use to it.

Anyway, Lupines are sort of an experiment of the Fey. A long, long time ago there was this faerie chick that had two kids. Human kids. Well, a werewolf bit them and yeah, lycanthropy is passed on through bites. So, she was heartbroken that her two adopted kids were howling at the full moon and trying to rip her throat out.

A smart elf gave her the idea to try to change the curse. She couldn't lift it exactly, but she could change it. So, she worked her mojo and the first two Lupines were created.

Werewolves are basically humans when they're humans with a little added kick. Sure, they can change whenever they want, but they're evil. They hunt for pleasure, rape, pillage, all that stuff that evil likes to do. They do have to change during the three nights of the full moon though. Lupines have complete control of the change and they have abilities that surpass the vamps. Stronger, faster, keener senses, only can be killed by silver, fire, or beheading (the faerie couldn't change that part) and amazing healing abilities as well as immortality. They age, but they age the way the Fey do, really slowly. They age normally until about they're twenty-five and then it almost stops.

Well, the vamps and the werewolves didn't like the fact that there was someone else higher on the food chain than they were. They were afraid of the Fey; (who wouldn't be, they're the Children of Nature, they're the basis of all magic in the world) but they could kill the Lupine. After all, they had the same weaknesses.

Anyway, I'm the product of a Lupine nobleman and a human writer. My parents did love each other, and the Lupine counsel wasn't anal retentive about mixed marriages, so they got married. Eventually, they had me, a halfing who had the powers of the Lupine, but I don't have the severe reaction to silver like my daddy did.

Now I'm getting to the important part of the story. See, I'd told you I'd get there in my own time, and everything makes more sense now, doesn't it? Where was I going, yeah, the Event.

I was six years old, sprawled out on the floor with my box of ninety-six Crayola crayons drawing a picture and watching Digimon. My mom was cooking in the kitchen and my dad was sitting on his chair, reading the paper. I can still see my mom. She was slight with short blond hair and bright blue eyes. Human eyes. My dad was tall, slender, with thick black hair and intense, golden eyes. Wolf eyes.

All innocent and happy, right? Just wait.

Well, anyway, I can still remember what was happing on Digimon. The Digi-kids were calling for their Digi-critters to Digi-volve to kick some Digi-ass. That was my favorite part of the show, watching the cute little Digi-critters evolve into huge dinosaurs and stuff and kick ass.

Even as a little kid, I liked violence.

That's when the door was burst down. I screamed when I saw the tall, slender man dressed all in black. He had dark russet hair that fell into his face and icy, silvery-blue eyes. He held a big machine gun in his hands. He didn't smell right either and I could feel his power beating down on me like a jackhammer.

Dad stood up and snarled. The scary man couldn't enter the house, but he had the gun. Dad snapped, "Alex, Maria, get out of here. Now."

Night had just fallen and I knew what the scary man was. He was a vampire. As a small child, I'd never met a vampire. I knew they were evil. Dad told me so.

Mom looked sort of dazed, afraid. Humans freeze up in situations like this, but, as a young child, I thought the vampire was doing something to her. Mom was strong, tough, no nasty leech could hurt her, but she was afraid and at the time, in my youthful innocence, I thought he was using mind control.

Dad shouted, "Alex, get her upstairs, now!"

The vampire looked at me with those cold eyes of his and I was angry. I stepped in front of my mother like a wild creature and snarled. I knew how to change, but I was only a spindly cub when I changed. Not enough to rip a vampire to shreds, but Dad was.

I remember the gun going off and the blank look on my mother's face as my father was riddled with silver bullets. I screamed, cried, and rushed over to his fallen body. I then looked up to see my mother killed as well. She didn't even put up a fight. She just resented to her fate.

I screamed as I looked at him, tears welling down my eyes. I did the only thing a little six-year-old could do. I ran up the stairs, getting a bullet through my shoulder.

It hurt. It burned. It tainted me. I cried as I sat curled up in a ball in my bedroom. Everything was gone. I was gone.

He didn't even come back for me, the bastard. So, I sat up there and sobbed until I passed out from the pain. My uncle and my cousin found me and took me to a healer.

Now, I'm seventeen. Not exactly World-Wise, but not a bright-eyed innocent either. Armed with a crossbow and my God-Given abilities, I kick vampire ass and enjoy it.

Alex Night, Vampire Hunter Extrodinare

Alex Night stood on her roof top, looking at the mist forming off of the Hudson River. She'd traveled a lot in the last two years as a vampire hunter. She could still remember her first kill vividly. She remembered thrusting the stake into the surprised blood-sucker's heart as he crumbled into ash.

That's all vampires where: piles of ashes. Easy enough. They were not people. They were monsters. Besides, they killed her family and someone had to protect those stupid humans from the dark. Right?

That was a question she some times asked herself. Especially on nights like these. Then she realized that she really didn't belong anywhere herself, so the only thing she could do was rage.

Still, she hadn't found the One. The One who killed her family so long ago. He was the one she thirsted for. She ached to taste his blood on her lips as she crushed his throat. She yearned to rip his body apart with tooth and claw, but she hadn't seen him since that night.

So, Alex killed other leeches. Her cousin did the same, except he was payed for it and did it nice and legal. If the cops found out what she was doing she would be charged for murder.

How do you kill something that's all ready dead? Humans, putting to much meaning into things, she thought to herself as looked down.

Alex sighed as she pushed her hair from her face. She looked like a combination of both her mother and father. She was tall, slender, with the sharp features of the Lupine. Her thick, waist long raven hair looked like an animal pelt down her back, moving as if it had a mind of its own, but her eyes were her mother's: brilliant blue, except no human had the look in their eyes as she did. It wasn't exactly a wolf's eyes, but it wasn't a human's eyes either.

She leaned back off the roof and sighed. There wasn't really much happening right now. She smiled suddenly to herself as she saw the garishly dressed whore and her overweight Wall Street broker customer. The whore's long, blond hair glowed in the faint street lights, her long legs flashed under the tight, latex skirt she was wearing, and her skin shone with a feint luminescence.

Alex smirked to herself as she watched as the vampire hooker rubbed her hands up and down the business man's shirt. Alex ran back and leaped off the roof. She landed easily, taking the impact through her knees, and stood back up.

She loaded her crossbow and hid in the shadows. She watched as the hooker began to kiss the guy and rub her hands up and down his thighs. Alex shook her head in disgust and aimed her crossbow.

As if the leech knew she was watching, she guided the business man so that he blocked Alex's aim. Alex grunted then smiled. She wouldn't be satisfied with the easy kill of a crossbow.

She put the bow down and stretched her limbs. She threw back her head and gasped. Liquid fire rushed around her body as her bones were reshaped, sculpting into something new. Muscles snapped and bones popped as her legs were shortened, her arms were lengthened, her feet and hands became paws, her ears lengthened, her mouth elongated into a muscle filled with razor sharp teeth, and a tail appeared at her back.

The black she-wolf threw back her head and howled to the night.

Alex carefully took a bolt out of her crossbow and held it deftly into her mouth. She was careful not to break the wood as she adjusted it in her mussel. She then hunched up her muscles and ran.

She enjoyed the brief run, the look of surprise in the vampire's features as she sprang. The business man cursed as he saw the wolf, then screamed as the woman's beautiful features spouted fangs and her eyes turned bright crimson. Alex almost laughed, until the vampire grabbed her by the scruff of her neck and tossed her away.

Alex quickly snapped muscles back into place, changing back into her human form. The man blinked at the sight of the nude teenage girl standing there, who, moments before, was a blue-eyed, black wolf. Alex held the crossbow bolt in her hand and said, "You picked the wrong corner to feed off, bitch."

The vampire laughed, "Are you going to stop me, asshole?"

Alex smiled and launched a roundhouse kick to the grinning vampire's face. The vampire's blond head was snapped back as Alex launched a right cross. She stepped back, and the vampire looked at her with crimson eyes.

The vampire hissed, "You'll pay for that, bitch!"

"When hell freezes over, slut," Alex replied sweetly as the vampire charged at her. Alex calmly stepped to the side and thrust her right arm out. The bolt struck and the vampire looked down at it, surprised. Alex yanked the bolt out and the vampire grabbed her chest. A look of surprise and pain was etched on her beautiful features as she crumpled into ash.

"What the hell just happened?" the business man asked.

Alex looked at him, perfectly aware that she was nude. She shrugged and tossed her hair out of the way. She answered, "You picked the wrong slut to screw, buddy."

"What do you mean?" the guy asked, dumbfounded.

Alex started to walk away. She had other clothes in her car and she wasn't cold. Besides, her crossbow was unprotected. She answered, "She was going to suck more than you wanted. Trust me." With that, she left the human alone.

Some times she wondered if they were worth saving. Tonight was one of those times. One day though . . . One day she would find the One and then it would be over. Or would it . . .

To Be Continued?

This "universe" is actually takes place in two novels I am currently working on. Alex Night has been a character in my mind since I was a little girl, but she wouldn't really fit into those books. So, why not introduce her into this zine?

So, what did you think of Alex? Would you like more? Or would you like to see the full exspansion of this world?

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