Trapped Allie's lips softly touched those of Nate's. Slowly, they moved their way into the living room, were the lights had already been dimmed. They continued to kiss each other as they fell onto the couch.
"Nate.." Allie gasped for air between kisses.
"mhmm?" nate asked. He pulled away from Allie, "What is it?"
"I know where this is going.." Allie replied. She kissed him softly on the lips. "And if Bryan ever found out, I'd be dead." She whispered.
Nate wrapped his arms around Allie's slender body, "Not if i can help it."
Nate stroked Allie's sandy blonde hair from her eyes, as his lips met hers.
"Did you hear that?" Allie said, jerking her head away from Nate's.
"Hear what?" Nate said, scrunching his nose up, as he always did. He thought it made him look cute.
Allie listened for a moment, and then said, "Hm, nevermind. It must have just been the wind or something. I'm just jumpy because I told Bryan I'd be at my house studying for the test tomorrow."
Nate snorted. "Bryan believes anything and everything you say. You don't have to worry about him. When the time is right, you can break it off with him. All right?" He asked and gave her a peck on the lips.
She smiled and returned the kiss. "Deal." A creak came from the basement again.
"THAT! I Know i wasn't imagining that, and the wind chimes aren't blowing a bit." Allie whined.
Nate just groaned to himself and replied, "Well Allie, if you're that concerned, why don't you walk down to the basement and have a look for yourself? Chances are, if it's not the wind, it's just a mouse." He rolled his eyes and grabbed the remote, as he was no longer in the mood to flirt with Allie.
Allie glared at him, a little bit angry, "Fine. I'll be right back." She hopped up from the couch and jogged to the basement door. She flipped on the light, and jogged downstairs.
She turned her head to the right to see the pool table, and to the left to see the dusty old clothes Nate's older brother left behind when he went to college. She scanned the floor for mice but didn't see anything. Not a trace.
"Nate was scared, I bet. Ever since he came down to see a huge rat down here last week." Alie thought aloud.
She acted as if she was doing the stair climber when she went back up the stairs, as Allie was always an exercise freak.
She noticed the lights were off completely when she got back to the top. She walked into the living room and she turned the lamp on.
Nate lay dead, with a plastic bag over his head, and a knife in his chest. His face was twisted in pain, and the plastic bag made it impossible for the face to change. Allie looked on the wall to see a message written in blood.
'Did I Take your breath away?' Allie screamed with fear and did a sharp turn, into the chest of someone dressed in a black, hooded cloak. The hood cast an evil shadow over their face, making it impossible to identify whoever it was.
A cackle was heard from under the cloak as a plastic garbage bag was shoved over top of Allie's head.

"This is like, so totally, like..freaky!" Kelly said to her boyfriend Erik. They stood outside the school. School was out, and everyone was just standing around and talking with friends.
"Yeah." Erik said, nodding his head. Kelly was dressed in her varsity cheerleading outfit, and Erik was in his football uniform.
"Even if like, she wasn't like cool or anything, like i still might like miss her a little bit, you know what i mean?" Kelly said, in that annoying cheerleading voice. Her brown hair was tied back into a ponytail, but a few strands of hair lay infront of her face.
"Yeah." Erik said. He continued to nod.
"Like, they'd so better capture the guy. This is like, so horror movie. I mean, like, WE could be next. Like, if you see some ghost face killer dude, wouldn't you like totally freak out. Like, i surely would. You know what i'm sayin?"
Kelly's best friend, Mandy walked up with a person Kelly had never seen before. His hair was cut short, and his green eyes twinkled in the sun.
"Who's the stud?" Kelly giggled.
"This is Rick. He just moved her, I knew him through my mom's old husband." Mandy told.
"Which Husband? Jason? Daniel?" Kelly asked, raising an eyebrow, but not taking her eyes off Rick. She was attracted to him. Erik just stood there.
"No, he's a kid John used to babysit." She told.
"OH! John was a jerk. I remember when he wouldn't buy you that one totally hot shirt. Like, that would have been so cool on you." Kelly said, nodding her head.
"Yeah, anyways, Rick, this is Kelly, and that's her boyfriend, Erik." Mandy introduced.
"Hey, what's up?" Rick asked.
"Not much..we were just talking about that one couple who died. The one guy, Nate, who like, everyone hated. Then Allie is missing. Allie and me like used to be friends until she went total nerd."
"I bet Allie killed him." Mandy stated. "I knew she was having issues with Bryan, and I had a feeling she was cheating..but then again maybe i'm just too nosey." Mandy's voice was loud and obnoxious, a lot of people didn't like her, but they were too scared to tell her since they knew she was a loudmouth.
"Or them." Kelly said, pointing to the group of 'outcasts'.

"Why is that nasty cheerleader pointing at us?" Kristina asked, as she curled her lip at the group.
"Probably staking us out to kill next." Bryan exclaimed. He was in tears, since he still had feelings somewhat for Allie.
"Kelly didn't like Allie. Well, Kelly doesn't like anyone. She could have done it." Merri snorted. "Mandy even too. Actually, she's too obnoxious to kill anyone. She wouldn't have to stab them to kill them. She could kill with her annoying voice."
"Guys.." Jimmy started, "Who knows for sure if they did it. I mean, you guys are thinking way too horror movieish. Chances are it was just some weirdo who snuck into a teens house while their parents away, and killed them."
"Yeah, but i heard their was a message on the wall stating 'did i take your breath away?' I mean, that's..sort of planned." Kristina argued.
"Well maybe Nate or Allie had enemies other than those who go to this school. Maybe it was an enemy of their parents. Who knows?" Jimmy said, "Ingrid, you've been quiet..what do you think?"
Ingrid shrugged her shoulders and said, "I just think this is all bullcrap, a friend of mine is dead, and well, i'm not too happy that you guys are sitting out here moaning and complaining about who or who didn't do it." She turned her back on the group and walked off.
Ingrid walked out to the parking lot, and she climbed into her '88 van. It wasn't a Viper, but it got her to school and to work.
She climbed into the van and started the ignition. She backed out of her parking spot, and started going home.
As she was driving, her favorite song came on.
"Stroooonger! Than yessterday!" She sang as she turned up the radio. She was about to pull onto her road when she saw her neighbors car parked on the side of the road with the emergency lights on.
She parked behind Heather's car. She pulled her keys out of her car and climbed out her van.
"Heather?" She called out. She could see her sitting in the car. Heather was a few years older than Ingrid, but they were pretty good friends.
"Heather?" Ingrid called out. She pushed her auburn hair out of her face. She creeped up to the car, and peered inside the window.
Heather's head sat on a sharp stick, and the rest of her body wasn't in sight.
Ingrid suddenly felt nauseated seeing her neighbor. She ran back to her van and climbed into her van, and slammed the door shut.
She glanced in the rear-view mirror. 'Do i make you HOT?' Ingrid turned the ignition, only for the van to burst into a firing inferno.

Mandy climbed out of her car. She had no idea what had happened to Ingrid not even fifteen minutes earlier.
She walked down the drive way and grabbed the mail. She flipped through the letters in her mailbox.
"Damn junk mail." She grumbled. She walked back up her newly paved driveway. Mandy had been adpopted by her mom's best friend, after her mom was killed many years ago. Her Dad died before she was even born.
She fiddled with her house key, she'd been shakey all day. Finally, she got the key in the keyhole. She turned the knob and walked into the house.
"Tiff? You here?" Mandy called out. It wasn't unusual for Tiffany to be gone when Mandy got home, though. She threw down her backpack onto the couch, and grabbed the TV Guide.
She flipped through the pages, and stared at a Rider Strong, the guy she simply adored from Boy Meets World.
thud. thud. thud.
A noise rumbled from the basement. The thudding noise seemed to be getting louder, as if their furnace needed to be repaired or something.
Mandy's heart raced. She turned towards the basement steps and turned on the light to go investigate. She walked down the steps.
A putrid smell invaded her nostrils, and she held back the urge to get sick. A red liquid covered the walls, kool-aid almost. She turned into the central basement.
Inside a body was hung from the ceiling fan, swinging, and the blood droplets flew onto the walls.
Finally, the rope which the body was secured on released, and the body flew right at Mandy!
She screamed as loud as she could, her stomach rose to her mouth. She peered into the face of the body.
It was Allie.

"Jimmy?" An unrecognizable voice spoke through the phone. Jimmy held his cell phone in his hand as he stared at his television, hearing the news of a car bomb which went off. "Are you here?" The voice asked again.
"Oh..yeah. Sorry. I'm here." Jimmy spoke.
"Hey. I doubt you remember this voice.." she trailed off.
"No..i'm sorry. i don't." Jimmy said, not blinking as he watched the television.
"Well, this is Sara. Ingrid's cousin." She said.
"Oh! Hey! I remember meeting you at Ingrids party last year. How's it going?" Jimmy asked. He flipped the T.V. off with his remote.
"Uh..well..I don't know if you heard about the car bomb that went off in Ingrids neighborhood?" Sara asked. Her voice was plugged, as if she had been crying.
"Yeah. I heard. They said two cars had been burnt up pretty bad." Jimmy replied. "But it was a street away from Ingrid's house, so i don't think there's much to worry about."
"Well, actually...there is. Ingrid is is.." her voice broke off in the phones static.
"God Damnit!" Jimmy shouted. "You here?" He asked. No response. "GOD DAMNIT!" He swore again as he threw his phone onto his bed.
He tore out of his room, to upset to think. He grabbed his keys from the counter, and ran outside.
He climbed into his truck, and turned the ignition. Without even looking, he spun the tires in reverse, and tore out of his driveway.
The speed limit on the road was 45, but Jimmy was doing 65. A car closed in on behind him.
"What the hell!?" Jimmy asked as he saw the silver car closing in behind him. It bumped him. Jimmy fought to gain control of his car again. He blared his horns as a warning for the upcoming motorists.
Jimmy pushed on the gas more, and hit 75. The car was still right behind him. The road split into two lanes, and Jimmy kept to the right lane.
The silver car raced up even faster, on his left side. It looked as if the two cars were racing, but the silver car could definitly win.
Jimmy tried to see inside the tinted windows. The windows slowly rolled down. Jimmy saw someone dressed in a black robe, glaring at him. The figure raised one hand and did a little goodbye wave.
Jimmy slammed head on with a semi-truck, while doing 75 miles per hour.

Two weeks had went on since Jimmy's death, and not another incident had happened. Kelly held onto Erik. They sat on the Erik's couch, just talking.
"Oh, like by the way. I got some note in the mail like yesterday, saying I'm like suppose to go to the McGreggory mansion like tonight. Not I'm like not exactly sure who invited me." Kelly said, as she bit her lower lip.
"Yeah. I got one too." Erik said.
"Oh? Maybe it's just a party then. I heard rumors people were going to buy the mansion, maybe someone we know did?" Mandy said, standing in the front door. Then she added, "Me and Rick got invitations too. He's getting ready right now. I mean, it's in half an hour. And you always want to look your best." She giggled. Her voice grew whiney when she asked, "And by the way...Kelly...I want to wear your white dress with the poofy stuff on the shoulders."
"Fine. And like didn't you ever learn to knock?" Kelly snickered. "Well Erik, it looks like we're gonna be like going to a party tonight. And like it's gonna be formal. So like, dress up now and be over to pick me up in fifteen minutes. I don't want to walk, so like bring your car." Kelly said. She looked at Mandy and said, "Are you ready girl?"
Mandy grinned. "You betcha! Catch you later, Erik!" She blew a kiss, and Erik just rolled his eyes.
Mandy and Kelly walked out and climbed into Mandy's car. They backed out of the driveway, and were about to get ready for a party which they'd never forget.

"What are they doing here?" Merri whispered to Kristina as she saw Kelly and Erik walk in with Mandy and Rick.
"I have no clue. I hope they don't stay long." Kristina whispered back.
A dark figure stepped out of the shadows. Her face was pale, and her hair was a light brown. "I have." She spoke out.
"Who the hell are you?" Mandy asked.
"My name is Sara. I am..was..Ingrid's cousin." She said. The room grew silent. "I knew that each of you had a special tie to Ingrid, Allie, Nate, or Jimmy. Four of those who have been lost. I thought it would be nice for us all to gather, and put aside our differences." She said.
"Yeah." Bryan said nodding his head. "This has been a bad time for everyone. We really should stick together during this." He looked to Erik. "We used to be best friends when I lived next door to you. Remember?"
Erik just nodded his head.
"Like, I don't really care what you guys do, I mean, I'm like alive and well, so, well basically I don't like really care about any of you nerds." Kelly hissed.
"Kelly." Mandy said, in an annoying voice, "You should at least give them a chance. I mean, their friends..did die."
"Whatever." Kelly said rolling her eyes. She looked around the mansion, and looked towards the spiral staircase. "i'm going to find the bathroom. I'll be back down soon." She started up the stairs.
"Guys, my uncle owns this mansion." Sara said, "Feel free to wander around, I have snacks set up in the kitchen, and the pool is set up too."
The crowds broke apart into a few groups.
"This is like something out of a horror movie." Merri started.."We just got invited to the party, now this is where the trouble.." A deafening scream was heard, and the power went out.

Everyone ran up the two different sets of stairs, guiding themselves by the low sun. Just a flicker of light came through the windows.
"What happened?" Kristina asked.
"I don't know!" Merri responded. She tried to see into the room where everyone was huddled.
The lights flickered back on. Kelly lay in the bathtub, with a blow drier in it too. Plugged in.
On the mirror, a bloody message had been written, 'Please tell me this shocks you.'
"Oh my god!" Mandy screamed and she pushed her way out of the bathroom. She tore down the spiral staircase. "SARA! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU!?"
"I am right here." She responded calmly.
"Why the hell did you invite us here?" Mandy screamed, insanely.
"I think i already told you the answer to that. To get you all talking once again." She responded. By now a huge group had gathered around. Everyone who was there was watching.
"I think she lured us here to kill us. Who knows why. But i'm sure in the hell not going to sit around why she does it." Mandy scowled. She ran into the kitchen, and grabbed a knife.
She ran back into the room, and Sara was gone. In to thin air.
"Where the hell did she go?" Mandy's eyes peered into everyone's in the room.
"She just got up and left." Rick responded.
"And you didn't stop her!?" Mandy screamed. Mandy stormed off. Everyone but Erik followed.
"Nope. I'm about to do the same thing. I ain't gonna stay in here with a dead body." Rick said to Erik.
"Yeah." Erik said.
Rick just stared at Erik, with disgust. "Dude, since we met, I have not heard you say one thing intelligent."
"Oh well." Erik said shrugging his shoulders. He rummaged into his pocket and pulled out a joint.
"Oh, so let me guess. You're high all the time?" Rick said. He'd touched the stuff before, but it wasn't for him. It was the reason why he moved to this town, to get away from the bad crowds. "Screw this man, i'm out of here."
He headed for the door. He turned the doorknob. Infront of him stood the figure with the black, hooded robe.
A gun was held to Rick's head, and the trigger was pulled.

Screams came from various places. The pool, and from the front door. Merri and Bryan stood at the pool. Kristina had been tossed into the deep end of the pool, with a 200 pound dumbbell shackled to her feet.
Her arms stopped waving, and floated lifelessly to a rest above her head. Another shot rang out, and a cry was heard.
Merri bursted into tears, seeing Kristina, and Bryan comforted her. They ran back inside through the back door, and into the front living room. Rick's body lay dead, and Erik clutched the side of his head, where blood dripped out. His head went limp, as he gave up the struggle to hold on.
"Well, well, well." A muffled voice came from under the mask. "Two survivors I see."
"I know that voice." Merri snapped.
"Oh, do you?" The person unmasked themself, revealing their true identity. Her hair was dampened onto her forehead.
"Trust me, sara was a tough one to kill." Mandy snickered and she pointed to a limp girl on the floor.
"Why?!" Bryan screamed.
"WHY!? WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN WHY!?" Mandy screeched. "My mother was killed infront of my eyes!" She snarled. "Do you know who killed her? Well I sure do."
"No..I don't." Merri whispered.
Mandy jerked the gun and pointed it towards Merri. Her hair was wild, and her eyes told the story of a mad woman. She lip was curled back into a snarl. She began to speak, "Each and everyone of your parents contributed. Well, some at least. Allie's did. Therefore I had to take care of him first, since he was the one to stab her. Jimmy's mom watched, since she was dating Allie's dad at the time. Kelly's Dad was Allie's dad's best friend. Therefore she had to die too. And then, Merri, your older sister Lynn, she was the one who wouldn't call 911. Therefore, you die next." She held the gun up to Merri's head, the barrel touched her forehead.
"NO!" a voice from outdoors screeched. A gunshot was heard, but it wasn't from Mandy.
"AARRRGH!" Mandy screamed in horror as she whipped around to see Sara, clutching a gun, Her nose was clearly broken from earlier. Sara shot again..and again. In desperation, Mandy made an attempt to shoot one of them. She pulled the trigger, hitting Bryan right in the heart. Both bodies seemed to fall at the same time, with a simultaneous thud.
"Oh my god!" Merri screamed as she leaped over the bodies, and next to Sara, "Thank you so much!" She cried. Sara looked at Merri without blinking.
"Well then. I expected her to shoot both of you!" Sara said rubbing her chin. "Well, Merri. I need to be the hero here. Mandy was put into therapy, so they'll know she killed you guys.." Sara started. She rose her gun to Merri's forehead and pulled the trigger.