The soft fluttering of wings broke the silence of the funeral scene, pulling Aukkon away from his thoughts. Gazing upwards, the black-haired male watched as a group of crows wheeled above the hole in the earth. They reminded him of his alter ego - soaring on wings of ebony above a scene of death - the Dark Angel. It was his destiny to destroy in the name of honor and justice, but he had fooled himself - his destiny had become destroying himself and the ones he loved. It had taken him too long to realize that and now it was too late. A sigh of despair crossed his lips, as he returned to his thoughts, and to the scene that lay before him. His very own.

"Now it's finally over," his own voice said, in ghostly whispers. Moving to stand beside the Priest who offered scant blessings over the gash in the earth, he stared at his own coffin with cold saphire eyes. Had anyone been at his funeral, they would not have seen him, but both Zi and Serena had seen the grave before him. He had lead to the only people who would truly love him no matter what's death, and finally his own. "Serena. Zi-chan. My teammates. Forgive me... You were all right..."

Turning from the grave, he lifted a lump of black dirt from the ground with an etheral hand and tossed it in over his shoulder. *Out of respect for the dead,* he told himself, convinced that the monster he once was had departed - though that left him unsure of who he was for he was surely not Aukkon D'Gray. Sighing, and banishing the thoughts from his cluttered head, he slammed his hands in the pockets of his faded red jacket. And with nary another thought or word, the transparent figure of the Dark Angel skulked off.