the sun and moon

i am a wild flower, growing by the beach, forever on my own, no one to nourish me. and, yet, i grow beautiful still.

and you, you are a sheltered plant, growing in a greenhouse without a real sun, or rain water, never to hear the birds or smell the sea. and,yet, you grow not in the direction of your choice, but where you are told to be.

i am a stray cat, living on my own, fighting to survive, and winning over the affections of my kind. and, yet, i prevail, and am happy at the end of my long, hard day.

and you, you are a lap dog, forever in others debts. you spend your days sleeping, waiting to hear the footsteps of your master, but apon coming in he shoves you off the bed. and, yet, you wait for him, day after day, always expecting a happy ending.

i am the spring sky, unpredictable and wild. the moment you think you know me, and you can predict my next move, i change, and become what you least expected. and, yet, i can live without an atmosphere of stability around me.

and you, you are the changing leaves of fall, so predictable, and beautiful at the same time. i always know what to expect from you, and, yet, it never ceases to amaze me.

we are night and day, sun and moon, water and fire. i shall never understand how you can be so tranquil, so serene. and you will never find reason for my temper and disobedience. we are so far apart, yet, fate brought us together, as it could tear us apart.

we cant see eye to eye, but best friends we have become. i dont want to let you go, but i fear being dragged down with you. i miss you, but i cant stand the thought of keeping my feet on the ground. your the one person trying to keep me sane, but your driving me insane as well. i love you, as a friend, but was never truly in love with you. i know my disobedience has hurt you, but i would never change for anyone.