its obvious, her smiles fake.
she doesnt know how much more she can take.
abercrombie and fitch, the gap and guess.
perfect in her designer dress.
but no one knows the truth inside,
the self-concienceness, and lack of pride.
she never wanted to wear those skin tight clothes,
how much she wanted to change, no one knows.
she puts on her makeup, to hide her true face,
she wants to be happy, but thats just not the case.
she does up her hair, in the newest style.
looks out on the world, and tries to smile,
tries to laugh at the people her friends like to tease.
tries to laugh at the people shes just trying to please.
but a true smile, shell never make,
with all these feelings, shes just trying to shake.
while trying to maintain the "perfect" weight,
she threw up anything she ate.
shes always felt so insicure,
she wonders how much pain she can endure.
she never wanted to be popular.