I see her there now
And she looks just so great
and her face is just glowing
And I feel like its fate

That we should be happy
Together at last
I could make her so happy
But I think I should cast

Aside these emotions
So human, so weak
Theres no way that she'd like me
Its even hard to speak

Too her, God she is beautiful
God she is great
And yet I am stuck here
On this side of the gate

On the outside looking in
Like some socialite prisoner
Longing for the things
I crave and I miss in her

I'll just stay here right now
It's dark but secure
And I'll look at her face
And hope theres some cure

To the pain that I feel
The longing I feel
And the love that I feel
And I'd love to reveal

My true feelings to her
But I'd know what she'd say
'Your sweet and I'd love to
but just not today'

So I sit here in doubt
And stare at her here
From my looking glass cage
Silent, frozen in fear