~~Strange Affection~~

You never laugh,
never smile;
wearing instead
that cruel smirk
which somehow
makes you seem
so very youthful
and innocent.
You have a way
of looking
so tormented
when thinking,
eyes all but glowing,
from within
by all those old
Your tone is cruel,
words biting
like acid.
And still,
I love you.

You sit for long hours
in unbreaking silence;
perhaps hearing
the screams
of those who died around you,
the last agonies
of all those you killed.
You have a way
of watching
your blood as it runs
down your skin
for the hundred-and-first
almost mesmerized
as though you had never
seen that shade
You stiffen
when I embrace you,
sometimes flinching
from my touch.
And always,
I love you.

You thrive on despair,
fear such bitter sweetness to you;
shunning light,
you seek
a particular
You have a way
of isolating yourself,
of turning
all others aside
while you obsess;
giving me
deja vu
and a chill
when I see your expression
grow so distant.
Your angry soul
burns me,
Your gaze
draws my blood.
And for this,
I love you.

~(c)01/00The Mad Poet (A.K.LaBelle)